Small Business Plan: Does a ‘Lack of Time’ get in your way of your business development?

Are business development workshops a waste of time?

Many workshops can help you to identify ideas for growth. But when the team gets back to work it’s also back to business as usual; often most of the ideas never get implemented properly because of a lack of time.

You know what? It’s not rocket science… Business owners aren’t stupid. Most of them know there are things they can do to increase their business growth and they often know what at least some of those things are.

The sticking point is often a lack of time, or rather the ‘perception’ of the lack of it. With the right approach though you can uncover those extra hours, days and weeks you – and your team – need to generate massive and sustainable business growth.

Is a lack of time the real problem?

I recently did a Talent Dynamics workshop with a small business (a team of 4, 1 of them part-time) that illustrates this point perfectly. (They all took their Talent Dynamics Profile Test prior to the workshop and read their profile report.)

Through getting to know their own and each other’s Talent Dynamics profiles, they all got to really discover their natural strengths, challenges and how each other ticks. That in itself was pretty significant for them in working better together as a team and increasing effective communication & workflow.

Do you ever not delegate to your team because you hate a task or think it’s boring and feel bad about getting somebody else to do it? So sweet – yet this business owner got to realise they were holding onto some activities the rest of the team actually love doing because they have different Talent Dynamics profiles!

Some simple tweaks in each team members’ responsibilities means that they can now help each other get more in flow and provide an anticipated 50% increase in efficiency.

The business owner was delighted to realise that by focusing on doing what they’re best at – which was making them feel guilty because they find it so easy and so much fun – they’re actually freeing up the team to do what they do best.

They can now all spend this extra time to work on the new projects and strategies they identified during the workshop that will provide £400k+ revenues in the next 12 months, tripling their original target.

By the way, some of these ideas were not new. They simply were not being implemented because of a perceived lack of time and/or the wrong team member would’ve been doing it. You know what it’s like – it’s all too easy to put off or resist those activities not in line with your natural strengths!

Post it notes wall

Small Business Plan Workshop

And because each team member has claimed ownership and accountability of the projects in line with their Talent Dynamics profiles, the workshop post it notes will actually turn into actions, instead of lingering on flip chart sheets in a cupboard somewhere…

Not bad for a one-day workshop, eh?

Questions to ask about your business

  • Where in your business could you be holding on instead of delegating?
  • Where are your perceptions about what is possible or sticking to perceived rules holding you back from greater success?
  • Where do you feel a lack of time is stifling your business growth and what could be changed to free up capacity?

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