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"Fun, Flow & Focus" Online Workshop

From Procrastination & Overwhelm To Clarity & Certainty: Discover *YOUR* Best Strategies to Increase Sales & Profits

Customer stories

Kate Pollitt Branding Consultant & Designer

Kate Pollitt - Branding and Design Consultant, Desire Branding 

“I’d fallen out of love with my business. My heart is pounding again. Thanks Una!” 

Alison Rentoul The Crew Coach & Acquamarine Hom

Alison Rentoul - Acquamarine Home

The strategies I have developed with Una have already seen me increase my revenues considerably (average monthly sales up 35.85%!) and I now have a clear idea of exactly how I’m building the business from here." 

Suze Maclaine Pont - Creative Entrepreneur

“As a business owner with a small growing team I wanted to be able to dig deep in how do we complement each other? Not just task-wise but as people…
Una sharing her expertise on the profiles helped us to have conversations that will make this team solid and increase our performance for better results.” 

Want to End Procrastination, Confusion & Uncertainty On How To Grow Your Business? 

Discover how to be certain and confident in the strategies and tactics you’re choosing - despite the tsunami of information washing over you every day...

As creatives our intuition is great! Yet sometimes we doubt it… 

Perhaps because our intuition can only help us to the level of our understanding on a topic…

This can lead to an inbox flooded with emails and social media distractions all telling you what you ‘should’ be doing…

And comparison-itis sets in when you’re too busy looking at what everybody else is doing instead of ‘minding your own business’. Yes, literally minding your own business! ;-)

Which all means confusion, overwhelm and procrastination and getting to the end of the day feeling like you’ve worked as hard as a beaver building the biggest dam ever - yet not achieved what you wanted.

How can YOU confidently and profitably run your business YOUR way - with ease, flow and soul? Here's the answer...

Imagine having a completely bespoke tailored outfit… 

The colours flatter your complexion, the fit makes you look amazing and you always get compliments when you wear it.

And it is sooooo comfortable to wear, like a second skin!

Better still, the material feels so soft and natural and is superb quality, so that you know it will really stand the test of time…

When you look in your wardrobe this is what you’re drawn to time and time again because it just works.

And when you look in the mirror it just feels right because it is totally YOU!  

This is what your business could be and feel like too…

Wave bye-bye to 'business in a box' and 'cookie-cutter' approaches and instead tailor your business to fit you, your goals and your lifestyle. Discover your best ways to run your business, your way by being in flow...

Discover The Power Of Flow State

Being in a Flow State gives you clarity and certainty on the best ways to run and grow your business that are completely tailored to your natural strengths and personality. 

Every moment you're 'in flow' it's impossible to be stressed in that same moment. 

Clients tell me this is when they do their best work - you know, heart filling with pride kind of work.

While tactics are like high street fashion - what works one season doesn’t the next - the underlying principles and strategies that have you in flow will endure…

...So you can peruse the changing landscape and chose the path that will most easily and quickly get you to your desired destination. 

 Ensure Your Oxygen...

Many businesses fail - despite doing great work - because they simply don't have enough of the right new prospects.

An over-reliance on networking and word of mouth often leads to the 'feast and famine roller coaster'! 

Or perhaps people suggested ways of getting new clients that just felt plain wrong for you, even though you could see it worked for others.  #confused

New clients are the lifeblood of your business, the oxygen that keeps your business sustainable. 

So in this workshop you'll discover the best strategies for YOU to get in front of your ideal clients so you can achieve your income goals.

Find and Connect More Deeply... 

Of course in order to get in front of your ideal soulmate clients you must:

A. Know where to find them 

B.  Be able to understand them well enough so you can connect deeply with them and

C. Adapt what you do to the way they like to buy.

Because nobody likes to be sold to.

However we happily buy when we see something we want that solves a BIG problem for us, or helps us to achieve an important aspiration. 

Having a clear niche that you are excited to serve opens up a lot of doors.

And helps you to identify how to have a better fit with your clients and prospects.

After this workshop You Will Have:

Identified Your 'Flow State' 

Pinpoint your natural strengths and your best business models, lead generation and growth strategies to grow your business with the Ignition Personality Profile and build your business around what works for you - regardless of the latest shiny new object or fashion-like fads… 

Enhance your creative flow state and reduce stress.

Honed Your Niche

Get clarity on your best niche (or confirm/deepen it) and how your chosen market tends to like to buy, so you can find that sweet spot where your natural strengths, market needs and buyer preferences meet.

This allows you to be better able to serve your market and increase sales naturally - zero ickiness or sleaze required!

Increased Productivity 

Be able to maximise your productivity and effectiveness because you know what tasks and activities to do yourself, delegate or ditch, so you can free up your time to do what you love! (By the way, this is incredibly powerful when you are building a team, now or in the future).

This in itself netted one client an extra 96 days a year! 

A Plan To Get In Front of Your Prospects

Now you now where to find your prospective clients and have a different level of understanding, you'll leave the workshop with 1-2 *super-specific* ways to get in front of them - all outlined in your action plan.

So you can bounce out of bed every day with clarity on what to focus on and how to do what works for you to in order to increase sales.

Get £1,000+ Value for Only £297!

Because You Also Get Access to These Helpful Bonuses:

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BONUS #1: 121 Action Plan Coaching Session (Value £297) >>>Click here for more details and client story<<<

BONUS #2: One Month of "Intuitive Implementation" Group Coaching (Value £297) >>>Click here for more details and client story<<<

These bonuses alone double the value of the workshop! 

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"Thank you Una. This whole process has been so brilliant - I could never had got to this place on my own!"


You gently helped me to confront what didn’t work for me and to discover new ways of working that do. Even when I initially didn’t think my ideas were financially feasible, we’ve been able to create a business model and plan that ticks all my boxes.What a transformative process! With understanding my natural strengths I know now where I fit in ~ I'm more accepting of myself too. Now I feel comfortable in my own skin, and that’s priceless. My new business will build on this and be so much more successful as a result.Our coaching has been a real eye opener.

Ginny Carter The Author Maker (Business Ghostwriter)

"Freed up two whole days a week for me to concentrate on growing my business!"


I really cannot speak highly enough about Una. Not only is she a lovely and genuine person, she is an outstanding business coach.After just two sessions, the strategies she suggested made a massive impact on me and my business, and freed up two whole days a week for me to concentrate on growing my business.I urge any business owner, manager or director who wants more time, increased sales and better profit margins to get in touch with Una.Oh, and if you're too busy to see her, you need her more than you know!Thank you ever so much for your continuing support, enthusiasm, encouragement and for being you! You're simply outstanding!

Tracy Heatley Marketing & Networking Specialist

The Logistics: How Does This Work?

You get to watch this workshop (previously delivered live) from the comfort of your own home, without having to pay for any travel and accommodation. ;-)

Once you have confirmed your place on the workshop, we'll get you set up on the Ignition dashboard so that you can get your personality profile done. You will also get access to exercises along with the workshop to maximise your results.

Which Of These 8 Ignition "Traveller Profiles" Is Closest To You?

100% Money Back Guarantee!


Money Back Guarantee

Structured your business to be 'In Flow'  and implemented your Action Plan yet not satisfied with your purchase? Simply let Una know and she will either coach you back on track or issue you a refund.

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