What is Flow?

Put simply, flow is the path of least resistance. When we are in flow, productivity rises, results increase, occurrences line up, we have more fun and feel more connected to the organisation.

It’s a state in which a person is fully immersed in an activity in a feeling of energised focus and full involvement. It is focused motivation, where the emotions are not just contained and channeled but positively energised and aligned with the task at hand.

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, then its a fairly good indicator you are out of Flow. The opposite is true when you are in Flow, you feel joy and even rapture whilst performing the task.

It takes focus to learn the basics and practice makes it second nature. Once you know how to stay in flow you can enjoy life with ease and grace.

When experiencing flow there can be a distortion of time. Your internal clock does not seem to match the external clock. Somehow your internal clock speeds up or slows down. During this phenomenon, people immersed in their task (in flow) often look up at the clock thinking only a short time had passed only to find it is many hours later than they thought it was.

In the work place, flow can be seen where an individuals challenges and skills are equally matched. Thus creating a harmonious environment. This is a key aspect of employee engagement in action…

You cannot get into flow on your own

Think of a river and a lake, one flows the other doesn’t. The water in the river moves from A to B. In the same way when you add value to another person or team that they can leverage effectively then you are in flow. While having great fun is, well, great fun, if it doesn’t actually add value then in a business sense you’re not in flow. You may feel stressed or drained and this together with a poor or inconsistent performance is likely to affect your career or business success prospects.

A lot of creatives may freelance or have small businesses where it’s just them and they wonder how they can get into flow? Well very simply it’s important to look at who you’re adding value to, in this case directly to your client. You can choose to help your suppliers (your informal team) to be in flow by effectively adding value to you in the same way.

Understanding your Talent Dynamics Profile and the associated strategies that suit your particular blend of strengths can help you and your team to get into flow. In fact, Talent Dynamics is specifically designed to help develop and grow your business while accelerating trust and flow.

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