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Hi, I’m Una and I am the Founder of CreativeFlow.tv and I work with Creatives and and their teams to help them to achieve their inspirational vision, profitably.

Here on the site you’ll find a wealth of resources in the form of business development videos, articles, tips and tools, all designed to help your business thrive and you thrive in your business.

These resources are a based on a blend of business development tools designed to accelerate Trust and Flow and the multitude of personal growth and business lessons I have experienced over the years.

By sharing these resources we know you will discover how to get more clients, create a real business that lasts and tap into your creative spirit to make a positive impact on the world.

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Hmmmm, that makes it sound like we’ve always been successful…..

Have you ever heard of the term ‘fail forward’? Well I definitely took that to heart… With a failed marriage and a failed business behind me together with a multitude of other mistakes in my personal and professional life it’s the one thing I’ve been successful at!

I’ve always been creative, I remember winning certificates for art and writing as a little girl. I can even remember being clear that I wanted to be a performer in my earliest memories. (I’m such a Star profile!)

During the dilemma of being forced to choose between Art or Music in my second year in high school, I remember being shocked to the core that my Mother absolutely insisted on me doing Home Economics. I must have unconsciously rebelled because that’s the only subject that I ever failed in my life, ha, ha – don’t worry, I can now cook up a storm! 😉

Yet I clearly took on board the message that the arts weren’t valuable because it was only in 2009 that I really asked myself why did I never fully pursue acting? The words that floated up inside of me told me that, “I could never earn a living as a performer”. I was stunned. All those years wasted not following my dreams….

Well I quickly got rid of that by using an amazing tool I trained in back when I was doing deep and profound life coaching with people around their confidence and self-esteem. Within weeks in acting class and a few years later I launched my acting career. (Check out my YouTube channel for my acting and filmmaking!)

Of course those years weren’t a waste at all. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and if I hadn’t gone down that path I might never have had the life lessons I had that led me to meeting Steve and (after years of heartbreak and deceit) finally having the most wonderful, loving and fulfilling relationship in my life! (Update: We got engaged Christmas Eve 2015!)

Through meeting him I got introduced to the lady that is now the force behind Talent Dynamics and while the personal development work I did got rid of my inner emotional baggage, through Talent and Wealth Dynamics I have discovered simple and profound strategies to grow a successful business in line with my natural strengths and gifts, which blend nicely with my previous marketing and communications experience.

Whereas many creatives and expert entrepreneurs get turned off by traditional business development advice that seems to want them to change into something that they’re not (yuk!), now I love teaching them how they can become more of who they are, spend more time being creative AND have a successful business their way – without selling out or it becoming a pain in the behind in the process.

So like many creatives I’m juggling multiple passions with CreativeFlow.tv and my acting. Yet there’s a synergy between them that makes my heart want to burst. I can’t stand the thought of other creative souls abandoning their passions because they don’t know how to make a consistent living from them. The world needs more art and more inspiration, not less…

Now I am truly blessed to inject my creativity into the business, and business principles to my creativity. I read in “Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention”  by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi that hubs of creativity throughout the ages have always been centred around wealthy benefactors. Despite what many creatives might think today, there has always been a synergistic link between art and commerce.

Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to navigate those waters and bring your art to the shore.


What Can We Do To Help You?

We trust that our story and our client testimonials can be an inspiration to you. It is possible to have a sustainable business and be creative. It is possible to achieve your inspirational vision and have a positive impact on the world! If we can do it, then so can you…

How many of these scenarios look familiar to you?

  • A visionary with tons of ideas yet not following through on them in a way that gets you the results you really want

  • Easily distracted and juggling many things but you don’t know where to focus, or if you could…

  • Frustrated and fed up with the feast and famine cycle, working your fingers to the bone for not enough return

  • Ready to go for it getting your business to the next level and clear on WHAT you want to do but stuck as to HOW to do it

  • Feeling like a failure that you’re not jumping out of bed each day passionate and motivated about your work because you’re bogged down by all the details of running a business (or doing a ‘day job’ instead of your creative work)

  • Exhausted by going it alone and would love to delegate more but don’t have the team you want, or find it challenging to delegate to your team(s)

  • You’ve got a well established business with one or more teams, yet you know your teams have way more potential than they’re currently demonstrating. Perhaps they all get on famously, perhaps not – whatever the case you know that the flow of work, communication and money could definitely be accelerated! And you want them to be working with you in achieving your business vision.

Even one of these is costing you in your business and your life because as well as costing you financially, it’s costing you your authenticity and self-esteem…

Just as importantly it’s costing all those people who are missing out on the talents and gifts of you and your team(s) – missing out on the impact your work has.

What types of clients do we work with?

We work with people like you – creative business owners and freelancers who haven’t found a way to leverage their creativity into a successful business that they love, that lasts and that has a positive impact on the world.

Our expertise is in helping you to identify and remove what’s blocking your success, put in place the structures and business development strategies that suits your particular blend of strengths and personality so that you

  • Attract more of your ideal clients

  • Make more money and

  • Create a business that gives you more fun, time freedom and creative flow

Because we’ve been there, we know the soul sucking nature of not working to your strengths and your passions and we know how to help you change that story…

What type of person do we work best with?

Our offerings best suit enthusiastic and committed business owners who are serious about creating a successful business that has a positive impact on the world.

Our offerings suits people who want a step by step approach tailored to where they’re at now, to get them to the next level of business success.

Our offerings support action takers who are prepared to be honest with themselves and make the changes necessary to apply new tools, techniques and approaches for success.

Our approach is fun – and we want our clients to be the type of person who wants to enjoy building their business alongside us.

Now that you know we would be a good fit, how can you start to work with us?

First of all get all the free resources that you can because as well as getting you started you will discover if you like us and our approach.

We also have a variety of products and coaching available here and sign up for instant access.

For our VIP coaching days and programmes, we have to be selective about who is the best fit. This is why the starting point is to book a 121 “Get Focused Strategy Session”. This is based upon a 10-point business assessment and regardless of whether you end up working with us longer term, after this session you will have:

  • Clarity on where to focus next

  • Discovered the hidden challenges blocking you

  • More energy and enthusiasm for your business

CLICK HERE TO BOOK and we will send you your link to the client portal where you can complete your assessment and we’ll book the best time for your session.

Whoever & wherever you are, we welcome you to join our creative community