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“Tap Into Your Inspiration and Intuition… Identify What’s Most Important And Get Into Aligned Action.” 

Stop Procrastination. Get Unstuck. Implement Your Ideas With Accountability With Soul....

Business really oughtn’t be that hard....
Basically it boils down to:

  1. 1
     Have something people want.
  2. 2
     Share about it.
  3. 3
     Take payment.
  4. 4
     Deliver it to them.

In amongst all of that though lies a thousand decisions, distractions and uncertainties.

Not to mention the many means of procrastination…

Procrastination isn’t just watching cat videos on youtube or doing housework (housework, really?!?)… 

No siree/maam! Procrastination often shows up as doing the ‘busy work’ that gives you that “I’ve been so productive!” feeling, without actually moving things forward in your business.

I’ve a question for you...

Where would you and your business be if you fully implemented your best ideas?

Because one of the challenges of creative business owners is that we usually have lots of ideas. Tons of them!

But we don’t usually have the headspace, time or teams to implement all of them.

Which means we need to pick, prioritise and plan.

Not always easy to do on your own, right?

“No (wom)man is an island.” John Donne

It can be lonely at the top - especially if you ARE the top, middle and bottom in your business! ;-)

Ever find yourself thinking..
“Am I doing the right thing?”
“Shall I try that new strategy X mentioned?”
“How did I end the day with an even longer ‘to do’ list?!?”

So who do YOU talk with about your business?

  • Are they independent - or might they have a (loving) agenda? (e.g. money, security, the status quo)
  • Have they a good grounding in business principles, to help evaluate your ideas,
    to help evaluate your ideas, the market and best timing?
  • Do they understand the best ways for YOU to run your business? Even if they’ve achieved what you want, what worked for them might not work for you because of differences in each of our natural strengths and personalities.
  • Can you dive deep into the detail of your business challenges and opportunities with them, knowing you’ll get a strategic and practical response?
  • And can you get personal around any insecurities or issues cropping up?
  • Will they ask the right questions to help you to tap into your own inspiration and intuition?
  • Are they there for you over the longer term or do you just have a ‘quick chat’ every now and again?
  • Do they know how to help you to identify and implement what’s most important?
  • Are they somebody you can trust, without being so close that you actually pay attention to and act on what they say?

If your answers are all YES, then great! This is probably not for you.

However, if you’re getting mainly NOs and/or your business discussions take place on social media, at networking events or down the pub then please read on because there is a better way.

That list above? 

It’s ALL included with the “Intuitive Implementation” Group Coaching and Accountability Programme, and more besides....

How does this work?

Many, many people benefit from accountability.

There’s just something in human nature that means we often show up for others in a way that we don’t when it’s just us.

I’m independent - I only have your interests at heart. I’m not just a caring, empathic person, this is my job that I’ve been doing for over 15 years.

We pinpoint the best strategies and tactics that are aligned with your natural strengths and personality, so that you choose actions and accountabilities that increase your creative flow and results.

To do this we utilise a fun, yet very insightful personality profiling tool called Ignition because there is no one single road to achieving your goals.

Tapping into your inspiration and intuition might sound simple but it isn’t always easy in practice because ‘stuff’ gets in the way.

We tend to doubt ourselves and come up with all sorts of reasons why X is not a good idea! Even though our soul is practically fluttering it’s way out of our heart trying to get us to say yes…

And sometimes it’s the opposite, biting off WAY more than we can chew

Also, if you’re anything like me, just talking things through helps a lot (I totally think aloud! LOL)
Plus you will probably benefit just as much, if not more, from hearing the others’ challenges and successes discussed, as you do from your own.

So that’s it!

As I said, simple. ;-)

What is my investment?

Coaching with me one-to-one is a 4 to 5-figure investment depending on the purpose and duration.

However my aim is for “Intuitive Implementation” to be super affordable AND for you to be ‘invested’ enough to keep showing up and gain the benefits.

So your investment is only £297 per month for 1 year (or £3k in full to get 2 months gratis). BUT...

Fast Action Offer:
1st 20 members get 33% off!

In life action takers get rewarded, so if you’re one of the first 20 people to join
it’s only £197 per month, or £2k in full.

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“Dare To Dream” (Worth £97)

You get access to the recordings of this fabulous 5-day incubator where in 30-60 minutes a day you discover “How to Revolutionise Your Mindset and Reignite Your Business in Only 5 Days!”

  • Discover how to uncover your BIG dreams - without editing yourself into a shoe box (includes an audio training and meditation)
  • Pinpoint your hidden 'stuff' around money and the 5 Money Mindsets to adopt instead
  • Learn how to implement the 4 aspects of money flow in your life and business
  • Discover how to apply the #1 Strategy to Raise Your Prices - without getting pushback
  • Pinpoint the 5 Paradoxes of Manifesting and why it appears that it only works sometimes, or with small things
  • Change how you feel about selling from it being "nasty" to "nice, natural and no big deal" - so you want to, and do, attract and take action on getting more clients


Magnetic Money Mindset Masterclass (Worth £197)

Identify the money beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back - whether you were aware of them or not.

You'll never grow your business bigger than your subconscious will allow... Think of it like a thermostat adjusting the heat back down to the set temperature when it gets too hot. 

When you earnings get too 'hot',  your internal money thermostat finds a way to adjust your money flow back to your usual income.

In this Masterclass you'll experience several exercises and tools to help you change these beliefs and patterns so that not only can you increase your income, you can enjoy it free from guilt. 

Ignition Personality Profile & Workshop (Worth £297)

Too many people think, "If it's not hard than it's not worthwhile" - yet actually you add the most value to others when you are in a 'flow state'...

...When you're working to your natural strengths, engaged in your work, when it feels possible and maybe even easy to achieve - even when you're facing challenges.

Often this is when you lose your sense of time and feel very connected - to you, your work, everything.

This 'flow state' is when you do your best, most creative work, right?

This is why in this bonus you will identify the business model, strategies, tasks and activities that have you most in flow - and structure and build your business, time (and team), around that.

Because when you do this you make your weaknesses irrelevant AND get to achieve more in less time.

And best of all, when you're in flow you can NOT be stressed in the same moment.
So more flow = more fun + productivity = profits. ;-)

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What Clients Are Saying...

I had a complete breakthrough...

“After working with Una I had a complete breakthrough, attracted two new clients worth $18k, I no longer feel I’m not good enough and I feel more at peace. Worth every penny!”

Juliette Stapleton  //  Visibility Strategist

Beth Anderson, CEO, Arkitek Scientific

Advice that is actionable and profound....

"Insightful, brilliant, empathetic. Una embodies all of these qualities, and imparts cogent, practicable advice that is actionable and profound. I've never found a coach like her before.”

Beth Anderson  //  CEO Arkitek Scientific

Kate Pollitt Branding Consultant & Designer

Kate got back in flow...

“I’d fallen out of love with my business. My heart is pounding again. Thanks Una!”

Kate Politt //  Branding and Design Consultant, Desire Branding 


Founder of, Speaker and Business Coach for Creatives and their teams, Actor, Wife -  lover of life, fantastic food and great film & TV!

I'm deeply passionate about us creatives showing our true colours and expressing our creative souls through our businesses - while making a positive dent in the universe (Oh, and having lots of fun & profit too!)

Úna Doyle

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