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You Can Finally
Get Focused & Get Better
Business Growth Results!

(You just need to know your focus strategy)

I know this Get Focused Strategy Session works because it gets you to look at your business creatively and with proven, profound business development principles.

Clients say they got clarity, focus and specific action steps to move them towards the business they really want.

“Una was very helpful in getting me to focus on ideas to help build my business. My ‘Get Focused Strategy Session” left me clear on the way forward, feeling more positive and with specific actions that I can take to grow my business.”

This is for you if...

You're a Business Owner or Director providing Creative Services such as video production, design & web development, photography, etc.

  • You want to increase your revenues by raising your prices - without push back from clients or
  • You want to work on some exciting ideas and projects but never seem to have the time or resources or
  • You’ve ever felt like you had to work harder than you wanted or than seems healthy in life or
  • You've ever lain awake at night and wondered how to continue growing your business without resorting to cloning yourself or
  • You've ever been frustrated with any of your staff or freelancers because you want them to a) keep up and b) be aligned with your vision and c) increase their (i.e. your) results
  • AND... you want to accelerate your business growth without the constraints of traditional left-brain thinking or the kind of 50-page business plan that often frustrate creative business owners. (And I am someone that understands what it’s like to have inner struggles with their creativity!)

Discover How To Liberate Hidden Profits! 

Could you be overlooking the obvious? I’ll help you to:

Reconnect to Your Business

Get energy and inspiration for the future of your business because you’ll have the clarity you need on what really needs to be done...

Sometimes people can even cross off items on their 'to do' list!

Unlock Hidden Challenges

    Be less stressed because you have uncovered the hidden challenges slowing your business growth and development – now you know what they are, you can finally tackle them.

Understanding & Encouragement

    Whatever mistakes you feel you've made, I've probably been there and got a whole wardrobe of t-shirts!

    So you can rest easy that I understand because I'm kinda like you...

Get Focused Business Quiz

    Identify what is and isn't working for you in your business and get the clarity you need on the way forward.


    I'll walk you through the Get Focused Strategy Session step-by-step.

    Discover how to stay focused...

Take Action!

    Feel confident about making necessary changes because you’ll have an action plan that you know is relevant to you and your business. 

Book  Your Get Focused Strategy Session now!

There's 3 simple steps:

  1. Book a convenient date directly in my calendar 
  2. Make your payment of only £197 (on the same page)
  3. Complete the Get Focused Business Quiz I send you in your confirmation email

Are You Ready to Stop Overwhelm & Get Focused? 

Now while I do offer encouragement and motivation, I really focus on taking your hand and walking you through the Get Focused Strategy Session step-by-step.

I’ll help you by providing you with a Get Focused Business Quiz that’s proven to give you these results and more. It will help us both be ready for your session and get your creative juices working ON your business, instead of IN your business.

Please know that this means being honest, open-minded to different approaches and willing to make changes and I realise that’s not for everyone. 

But if you really want to stop overwhelm and overwork and you want to make sure you’re not in this same position 6, 12, or 24 months down the road then now is the time to take action.

Why me? Because I’ve been there – got a whole wardrobe of t-shirts! – and come out the other side. I love to help people avoid and stop the mistakes I made in the past and discover how to run their business even more successfully – their way.

So, are you ready to stop overwhelm and get focused?

Darren Brown - Get Focused Strategy Session Client

Identify new & exciting possibilities...

"Una was great at understanding where my business was and what our objectives were. 

Instead of a hard sell Una genuinely wanted to help, turning what could have been an unproductive hour into an enlightening, exciting discussion about the possibilities of my business."

Jack Coupland, Filmmaker at Coupland Creative & Founder at RightLance 

Get to the heart of hidden challenges...

“Our Strategy Session made me realise that even though I’d created a pretty successful business, I’d been pushing aside the reality of how unhappy I was working in it.”

Ginny Carter, The Author Maker (this is Ginny's 'new' business by the way!)
Emmett Hunt Photographer

Helpful and insightful...

It was such a positive session. I came away knowing that I was taking such important steps to progress within my business. The session was extremely helpful and insightful.

I would encourage any business to have a Get Focused Strategy Session with Una as it was quite apparent to me that she has such passion for what she does and it shows.

Emmett Hunt, Photographer

100% Guarantee or your money back

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE

If you haven't got a different perspective, insight and/or actions by the end of this session and feel that you've wasted your time, I'll happily refund your money.

I'm happy to offer this guarantee because if I genuinely haven't made a difference it's only good karma to do so and everybody has always said what tremendous value this session is.

Book  Your Get Focused Strategy Session now!

There's 3 simple steps:

  1. Book a convenient date directly in my calendar 
  2. Make your payment of only £197 (on the same page)
  3. Complete the Get Focused Business Quiz I send you in your confirmation email


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