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I suggest that you start with the “Which Creative Entrepreneur Are You?” Quiz so that you then know which other resources will be most helpful to you.
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“Which Creative Entrepreneur Are You?” Quiz

There is no end to the things you can do to grow a profitable business, yet which are the right ones to focus on, given where your business is now and where you want it to be?

This Quiz helps you to identify if you are a currently a Dreamer, Worker, Builder or Leader and therefore which...

   - Top 3 steps to take

   - Top 3 mindset shifts to make get to the next level.

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“Which is Your Sneaky Subconscious Saboteur?” Quiz

Do you work hard on achieving your goals, overcoming challenges and trying to create positive habits?

If you ever find that hard, here’s why…

We think we’re running the show with our conscious thoughts.

Yet the bulk of our thinking and patterns are unconscious, hidden and invisible just like the bulk of the iceberg.

Like issues around fearing rejection, wanting approval, imposter syndrome, not deserving, not being good enough, people pleasing..

…And that’s before we even get onto money! 😱

So how the heck do you deal with something when you’re not even sure what it is?!?

This quick quiz helps you to pinpoint which “Sneaky Subconscious Saboteur” could be getting in your way!

Because you are amazing! 🤗

You weren’t born with these fears, blocks or patterns. It’s just this stuff that isn’t you or your true essence that can get in the way… 

PS On the page that shows you your result you’ll also get access to a FREE training video.

“How to Stop Undercharging and Overdelivering” Checklist

How can service-based business owners such as in Design, Animation and Marketing, increase their prices without over delivering?

There’s a counter-intuitive strategy that makes this totally doable for you...

You see if you currently get clients primarily on price then you position yourself as a commodity.

And you already know that just hiking up your prices doesn’t always work either because then you get clients saying, “It’s too expensive” or “how much?!?”.

Getting a "No," or getting rejected, is often the biggest fear when it comes to raising prices. You might worry: “Will people think I'm ripping them off?”

and, “Is it worth this because you know, I wouldn't pay this. Will it make me look selfish?”

When people undercharge, they tend to attract the kinds of clients who don't treat them very well: they expect the world and want to pay peanuts…

They're often micromanage and don't necessarily understand the value of what it is that you're delivering.

Creatives often think, “Because it comes so easily to me, it's not valuable.” The fact that it comes easy to you actually makes it more valuable, not less.

By putting in place the elements necessary to attract high ticket clients and be able to charge much higher pricing, you’ll attract a different calibre of client and sleep better at night.

These elements are outlined in this checklist for you, let’s see which ones you can tick off and which ones you can implement for a more profitable business:

21 Tools to Increase Sales in Your Creative Business


Stop struggling to execute, avoid rookie mistakes and choose from these (often FREE) tools and resources to help you to:

  • Identify what your customers really want to buy (even if you think you already know!)

  • Never miss out on a sale again - by correcting this common mistake Creatives often make

  • Make arranging meetings a breeze (2 ways)

  • Tap into existing markets to sell more of your Product/Service

  • Implement easy ways to stop chasing clients for money - yet get paid on time