The "She Leads Business" Podcast with Una Doyle will help you to rise - and lift other leaders too... 

Why listen to this podcast?

As a busy owner, director or senior manager in a small or medium business, it's easy to get sucked into fire-fighting, politics and team performance issues - not to mention what's going on at home and with the family, right?

The "She Leads Business" is a safe space for you to connect with other leaders, learn and laugh...

Story Scoops

Listen to the women who've been there, done that and got a whole wardrobe of t-shirts! 

What have they experienced and how did they handle it?

What are their "What the flip?!" moments?

What were their biggest mistakes and were they able to come back from them? How?

Learn from their successes and challenges and discover what's next...

Leading Edge Strategies 

Discover not just best practice but what actually works in real life situations.

What is possible for your organisation?

What might you want to do differently in leading your team(s)?

How could you add or leverage you and your team's value to grow your business or career?

What can you take from those further down the road and apply to your organisation?

Mindsets For Growth

Women are strong.

Yet sometimes we're stronger for others than ourselves...

How can you shake off any conditioning that's held you back from being truly unstoppable?

Discover the mindsets that will take you to where you want to go.

Join The Club... 

The podcast launched in September 2021 and is a mix of short tips and strategy-based episodes plus a guest interview each week with a wonderful woman! 

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Una Doyle Speaker and Business Coach


UNA DOYLE - speaker & business coach

Una (pronounced Oo-na) has worked on major change programmes for corporates and the public sector, sold fax paper over the telephone, done PR in marketing agencies and everything in between!

She is the founder of CreativeFlow and has been speaking, coaching and consulting for over 17 years, from helping business owners to increase sales and profits - without burnout, to helping leaders to improve team dynamics and performance issues. 

Who Do You Know That Would Make a Great "She Leads Business" Guest?  

"She Leads Business" Podcast guests are:
- Female (or identify as female or non-binary)
- Own or run a small or medium business with one or more teams of employees - or are a senior manager or director in a larger firm

- Are willing to share their wisdom with our listeners

To apply, click the button below.

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