Get the right guidance at the right stage of your business

I’m not going to pussy foot around… You’ve a certain amount of time and energy and need to FOCUS on what will help you move your creative business forward NOW.

That’s why our coaching and programmes are specifically designed to give you what you need, when you need it. Moving you step by step to where you need to be next.

How many times have you heard promises of quick fixes and magic bullets to achieve overnight success?

Now I’m not saying that you can’t achieve success faster.

You can make great momentum and get faster results when you have the right clarity, strategies and take the right steps at the right time.

But don’t confuse that with jumping on a trampoline. Yes you might fool yourself into thinking you’ve achieved a higher level of success when a big client/contract/achievement lands in your lap.

Remember though that on a trampoline what goes up must always come down…

When you take the stairs instead, one step at a time, you keep moving onwards and upwards - creating sustainable success.

You can’t cheat the learning you get by stepping up. In order to be more successful, to be able to achieve your creative vision, you have to first BECOME the person who has that level of success.

This might include upgrading your:

  • Means of attracting and converting your ideal clients
  • Entrepreneurial skills and decision-making
  • Mindset, focus and discrimination
  • Productive and effective ways of working (which allow you to be more creative by the way)
  • Maximising your time and energy
  • Personal leadership - and if you’re managing one or more teams, leading others too

 That’s why our journey together begins with discovering where you are now…


Just getting going...

  • You’re probably in a job but dream of starting your own business
  • You have an idea - or probably several! But you’re not clear on which to do
  • Maybe you’re making some money on the side
  • You haven’t figured out how to structure and package what you do in a way that earns you a good living


Earning but boy you work hard!

  • You’re a photographer, video/writer/content producer,  consultant or graphic/web designer & developer whose business model comprises 1:1 advice and services or freelancing
  • You get new clients primarily by networking, social media and word of mouth
  • You haven’t figured out how to grow your business without cloning yourself or killing yourself in the process


It's time to scale

  • You know how to attract and convert your ideal audience
  • You’re starting to outsource and/or build your first team
  • You know it’s time to enhance your planning and systemise your business
  • You want to build a solid business that can run without you for periods of time



  • You have one or more teams of employees
  • You have multiple funnels that produce regular revenue
  • Your business has (fairly) good systems and processes
  • You want to focus on new products, markets or ventures
  • You haven’t figured out how to step back from the day-to-day without getting pulled back in

If you're a Dreamer with a day job or who's recently started out then you'll benefit from figuring out the right kind of business model and strategies to suit your natural strengths and personality.

The best approach if you are a Worker is to build a solid foundation to your business where you can easily attract and convert your ideal clients. This means as you implement each step, you're stepping off that feast and famine roller coaster for once and for all.

And once you've got that running smoothly you can discover how to ​scale your sales ready to step up to the next level. 

Where's the best place to start? Identify the Identify the next best steps for you to take.for you to take with a Strategy Session.

Identify the next best steps for you to take.

As a Builder it's time to get focused on the best way forward for you to help you scale your business. You might just need some nudges in the right direction or perhaps you'll benefit from a 1:1 Coaching Programme. ​

Business Coaching and Training Workshops Manchester

You'll also be able to identify and attract your best managers and team members to complement your natural strengths and help execute your plans.

Focus and clarity from the Get Focused Strategy Session will help you decide what kind of support you may desire to achieve your goals.

Dreamer, Worker or Builder & Want to Know More?

Book a FREE 20-minute consultation to discuss your current situation, any challenges & opportunities along with your goals & aspirations and I'll help you see the fastest path to achieving them...

If you're a Leader then you - and your managers - will benefit from 1:1 coaching focused on how to level up your strategic business, leadership and delegation skills and mindsets. 

Having already mastered how to identify and attract great staff, the key for you now is to develop and retain the best people to support your vision.

After all, if you can't delegate with trust, then how can you step back and work on your expansion plans or new ventures (or even your retirement plans!)?

This is also where upgrading your managers' and staff' entrepreneurial skills really makes the difference. Maybe you have great staff yet they don't have enough commercial acumen, or perhaps you feel they're not taking enough ownership...

The Trusted Teams Business Development Workshop not only teaches proven and profound business development principles, it also typically identifies strategies to generate £100k-£500k per team (over the next 6-12 months). 

Not bad when you consider that most team interventions cost you money instead of generating it!

And that's not to mention how team dynamics change as a result. As you well know, great ideas and strategies are one thing - having the people who can smoothly and successfully work together to implement them is another...

Leader & Want to Know More?

Book a Business Review* (including fellow owners/directors if wished) to assess your company's plans, people and performance .

Uncover any hidden sticking points and profit killers and identify strategies to deal with them.

Identify how to increase revenues by a minimum of £5k or get a refund.

 * Note this session is online. I'd love to meet you (and other key personnel) in person, however if you're not based in Manchester or Lancashire this session may incur additional travel and accommodation costs.