Trusted Teams Business Development Workshop |

Trusted Teams Business Development Workshop

You can finally be confident about immersing yourself in your creativity and business development because all aspects of your business are being taken care of by teams you trust.

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I know this workshop works because it typically helps businesses to identify strategies to grow revenues by £100k+ (even a 4-person business!) all while improving team morale, workflow and communication.

I know it’s not all about the money. The funny thing is though that usually the business that gives you a great quality of life is also one that is even more profitable…

Have you ever felt like your business is running you and your life - instead of serving you and the lifestyle you really desire?

When you and your team are in flow then that gives you more choices about how to spend your time; On the important people in your life, working ON instead of IN your business or perhaps even on making that next great idea happen!​

If you've...​

  • Not been delegating as much as you could
  • Been wondering how to build the right teams for your business
  • Got a team that gets on great but doesn’t achieve its goals OR...
  • A team with frictions that cause business problems and slows growth
  • Ever been frustrated by staff that don’t get - or contribute to - business growth and development

.....then you need to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ll help you to:​


Have more free time and be less stressed

Because you’ll know how to get the best from your team - without tearing your hair out!


Be empowered as a creative entrepreneur

Because you’ll know simple, yet profound and enduring business growth principles to increase your revenues and profitability time and time again.


Be confident about attracting and keeping trusted team members

Because you’ve identified what’s really needed and you know what to look for when recruiting and growing your teams.

Now, after this workshop your team is likely to be more motivated and productive, yet I also focus on helping you to identify the vital next steps to take for your particular stage of business development.

This is important because if you don’t take the right steps to move up a level, you could end up like jumping on a trampoline… Don’t get me wrong. Trampolines can be great fun but they don’t get you very far!

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Plus I’ll be there to support you through the implementation of your plans with quarterly team review sessions.

After this workshop & follow up programme you'll have:​

The 8 Talent Dynamics Profiles


Identified each team member's best roles, tasks and activities for top performance



A team that understands themselves & each other and how to best work together

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Increased Revenues

Identified the specific projects and processes to increase revenues (typically £100k)

Your Best Strategies

Discovered business development principles that work


Team alignment on what your business is really about


Identified & unblocked blocks to flow in your business

Increased Performance

Identified how to be a high performing team

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Team Flow

Increased trust and collaboration

Vision for Success

Created a common vision for success

You should probably know that this will only work if you are open and honest about your business and situation and of course you've got to be prepared to make changes in how you do things.

In this workshop you get to apply what you're learning straight away and come away with specific plans and actions to grow your business. But if you want to keep on doing the same old thing instead that's fine - I realise that this is not for everyone.

However if you really want to stop being overwhelmed, overworked and stressing about your team, and you want to make sure that the right things are done at the right time by the right person - then now is the time to take action.

Why me? Because I know how to apply the Talent Dynamics tools and principles in ways that will leave you and your team inspired, focused and accountable. All told, I love to enable creatives to build a sustainable business AND be creative.

Trusted Teams = Better Business (& Personal Life)

So, are you ready to stop stalling your business growth and enjoy more free time
because you can confidently delegate to your team?

Great! Book an introductory meeting in my diary now.​*

* If you're not within the Greater Manchester/Lancashire area let's have a telephone or Skype call in the first instance instead.