Apply This Quote to Solve Problems

Apply This Quote to Solve Problems

Sometimes it’s easy to ignore problems and/or just get used to living with them. Yet that isn’t going to help you to achieve your goals, live the life you want or get creative work you’re proud of out into the world in a BIG way!

What You Will Learn In this Show:

  • What is the quote? -00:35
  • What is it that is the main problem? - 02:32

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Key Take Aways

Key Takeaways &/or Action Points


  • Massive amount of low-price competition coming from emerging markets
  • Commodity


Aaahh! Okay. This is what happens when people have problems that they do not solve. And that is what we are talking about in this week’s live show. I don’t want you going, “Aaahh!” I want you going, “Yes! I have a solution.” And that’s what we’re going to cover.

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Okay, for those of you who don’t know me. My name is Una Doyle. I’m the founder of where you will find great videos just like this one, and articles, and tips, and all sorts of resources that you need to make sure that you have got a creative business where you get to do work that you’re proud of profitably.

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Okay, so let’s get into what the topic of today’s call is. And it’s a quote that you can use. When you apply it in a smart way, it can solve pretty much any problem that you have. It’s something that I use a lot with people. So you might be thinking, what is this quote? Quite simply it is, “What’s in the way, is the way.” Have you ever heard of it? “What’s in the way, is the way.”

01:05 -

So instead of tearing your hair out with the problem, you can actually look at the problem in a different way to find the solution. So let me give you an example of this. Actually, this is a problem that applies to a lot of creative businesses and freelancers right now and it’s the issue of a massive amount of low-price competition coming from emerging markets.

01:32 -

So, how do you actually get to compete with these emerging markets when they’re offering the same thing as you but at a way lower price. It creates a different expectation with your clients when you are being compared with these emerging markets. And this is something a lot of people will talk to me about. Particularly when I’m talking about raising prices. I’ve been talking to a lot of people about this in the last two weeks and this is because I have a great free resource for you which I will tell you about at the end of the show. I’ll also drop a link in the comments for you.

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So, what you want is to be able to look at the problem in a different way. You can’t avoid it. You cannot ignore it. You got to actually deal with it head-on. But looking at it, what is actually the real issue here? What is it that is the main problem? What is it that’s getting in the way because that’s what you need to be addressing.

02:32 -

So the issue really boils down to being perceived as a commodity. This is what happens if you have lots of competition and they’re all low-priced and you are finding that you’re getting push back from clients because they’re saying, “Oh well, no that’s too expensive” or “I can get this cheaper over here.” Then it’s because you’re being viewed as a commodity. And maybe you even view yourself as that without even realizing it. Yet I know that you have got great stuff, amazing stuff that you can be doing in your creative work and in your business that is going to help you stand out from the crowd in a way that is very productive and that is very much part of you, and who you are, and what you bring of yourself to your business or your freelancing.

03:21 -

So it’s not about you looking to sell out. That’s not what I’m talking about. It’s like standing out without selling out and not being viewed as a commodity. So how do you actually do that? Well, if you don’t want to be a commodity then you need to offer something that those people who are offering commodity work don’t offer. And sometimes it is about bringing new things into your offering. Sometimes it’s actually about taking things out. Sometimes it’s about really understanding that when you focus in on a particular client and a particular pain then you can really understand how to convey to them that you can solve that problem. And this is the difference between – I mean I have somebody message me this week on LinkedIn who said, “I’m a video editor. I can’t raise my prices. I already charge towards the high-end of the market and if I raise them any more then I’m going to lose work.”

But there were some other things that he said that made me think. Because he was talking about pricing by the hour for one thing. And if you’re doing that you definitely need to get this free guide. It’s called the Number One Sure Fire Strategy to Raise Your Prices without Pushback. So I’ll drop that link in the comments so that you can go and get that, no charge. And it’s a just a PDF that will help you to make the mindset shifts and the practical steps that you need to take in order to raise your prices. But the great thing about taking this approach is it isn’t just about raising your rates. It’s not about raising your hourly rates or raising your day rate. It’s about how you actually change the way that you are structuring what you do and how you present that to your clients in a way that they are going to really appreciate and value much more. So go and check that out. And that’s exactly what quite a few people here are working on, it’s about doing this.

05:21 -

So the problem is being seen as a commodity and the way to get around that is to what you need to do to be seen to be of higher value than those who are just offering what you do as a commodity. Did you get it? So do you have another problem that you can apply this quote to? Drop that into the comments and I would love to answer that.

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There’s one other example that I want to give which is about people who are actually getting in their own way. I have experienced this and I experienced it myself today. Sometimes people think, “Oh well you’re doing this because you have these videos, and these blogs, and you have everything sorted.” That’s not the case. I am on an ongoing journey of business and professional growth just like you are. And so, when there are things coming up when you are the one that is in your way, please don’t just give up. Don't just go, “Oh well that’s just the way I am.” Don’t go, I’m going to deny that and squash it down with whatever your choice of addiction is whether it’s alcohol, drugs, TV, food, exercise, etc. There are all sorts of ways that we can be in denial and so make sure that you’re actually looking at that if you’re the one that is actually getting in your own way because as the quote says, “What’s in the way, is the way.” So take steps to look at that and be open to go in your own personal development journey.

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Okay so, I am going to wrap it up there. Have you found today’s episode valuable? If so, please share this out to your creative peers because I am on a mission to help creatives to really be able to get the work out there in a big way, to be able to do work that they’re proud of, to have the mind space and the time to be able to do that. And to be able to do all of these profitably. Hey I don’t believe in this starving artist in the attic myth. That’s a lot of rubbish. I don’t want you buying into any of that stuff. So please share this out, like, comment, let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you. This show is on every Wednesday 4:30 PM GMT, 11:30 AM EST. So I will see you next week. Have a fantastic time and remember grab yourself your copy of the raise your prices guide and what’s the problem that you have. I will make sure to come back to you and maybe be able to give you a different perspective on it. Okay, have a fantastic week. Bye!

"What's in the way, IS the way..."


So instead of tearing your hair out with the problem, you can actually look at the problem in a different way to find the solution.

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