Want to Double Your Revenues? Don’t Make These 7 Deadly Mistakes in 2019!

Double your revenues by avoiding the seven deadly business mistakes.

Are you a creative service provider who wants to achieve your goals and double revenues in 2019? 

In this post, you'll discover the 7 Deadly Mistakes of Business Planning — and what to do instead. 

What You Will Learn In this Show:

  • Seven deadly mistakes of business planning - 4:33
  • Tools and workshops that can help you plan better - 7:36

Key Takeaways &/or Action Points

  • Discover the seven deadly business mistakes that can hamper your planning efficiency.
  • Learn the Plan, Do, Review Cycle
  • Learn about the 90-day plan
  • Use your strengths to find the right strategies that work for you

Add benefits of applying these actions:

  • Join the one-day workshop to find how to create more efficient business plans

Show Notes

Stay tuned I have something very, very special for you today.

Now, who else do you know that wants to double their revenues next year? Make sure to tag them in the comments or share this with them in a private message so that they can come on and get this juicy goodness, too.

First of all though, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Una Doyle.

I'm the founder of CreativeFlowTV and I'm a business strategist and mindset coach for service-based creative business owners. So think along the lines of design, animation, copywriting, marketing, etc.

What I do is I help these business owners to be able to double their revenues, to be able to double and triple their prices where appropriate, and basically be able to run their businesses in ways that really suit them so that its fun, that they have the time freedom that they want and that they have the success that they want.

All without having to sell your soul or without having to create extra workload, etc. So that's me.

And actually today is quite poignant for me that as I've been kind of preparing to share this information with you. Today is actually the fourth anniversary of my Dad's passing, and he was an amazing planner.

He was really natural at that. He was not like me. This is not something that came naturally to me. I have had to learn how to be a much better planner and also how to share this with my clients as a kind of more big picture creative person. It was not something that came naturally to me. So it's something that I've had to learn.

My dad, he was actually a very detailed person, he was all about accuracy, he was all about you know, crossing the t's and dotting the i's. I kind of think he'll be smiling down, you know, thinking about the topic that we have here today, so yeah, kind of you know, today.

What I'm talking about here today is really, really important.

I know years ago, I did not think that planning was very important.I thought a plan was something I had to do for the bank to maybe get a loan or an overdraft. I did not think about the difference that it could make to my business success. I think part of that was, I would have so many ideas and kind of wanted not want to feel restricted in anyway.

I didn't want to feel that I couldn’t kind of, once I planned something, that I then couldn't change things.

I wanted to be able to innovate. I wanted to be able to feel free

.At that time, I felt that if I was planning, the kind of doing business planning, which to me brought to mind kind of big many, many pages of plans that would be done that would have to do with corporate world in the past, I would then have to, you know, it's just this means this massive big production thing.

And no wonder if it wasn't very appealing at all. That's kind of where I was coming from.

"I have learned is that planning can actually make the difference between business success and business failure.".

And I just really want to help you to understand the difference that it can make for you, the difference that it can make to actually have a plan and how exciting that can be when it's done in the right way.

And I think a lot of this is about the kind of Goldilocks amount, the Goldilocks amount of detail, the Goldilocks amount of activity as well.

I think that's the other thing. I think as creatives we tend to take on too much so it becomes kind of this, you know we plan, and it's like “Oh my god, how am I gonna get all of these stuff done?”

So these are kind of some of the reasons why I didn't like planning before but yet I've found what difference it's made.

The first deadly mistake is not having a plan.

This is where you are just doing ad hoc activities. 

You have an idea and you rush into it. And then quite often, you would get partway through and realized that either it wasn't feasible or it's not getting you the returns that you wanted, or that you needed some other resources or you should have done something else first before you did that to make it work better.

Have you ever experienced that? Let me know in the comments if you have.

Have you been a victim to kind of too many ideas and rushing into things?

Here's another reason why not having a plan is not a great idea. It's because it's actually very hard to learn from what you've done.

So if you have a plan, then you've got some idea of some measures in that plan. Like how did you know that this is even successful?  So then what that means is you have something to measure against and you can really easily see what worked and what didn't worked.

Then you know "Well, this is worth doing again. What if we made these tweaks? "You can learn and grow and that means every time you have a plan and implement it, that you have this cycle of Plan, Do, Review, okay.

I've heard this called you know Thinker Inkers Do it Review it. Whatever way that you have heard that idea of you plan, then you do, and then you actually review that.

The second one is trying to plan for so long. 

I don't know about you but I find it really hard to imagine having a five-year plan. It's like the world is going to change so much in five years. How can I possibly do that, and do justice for it as well? It just seems quite bizarre.

One of the things that I'm doing with my clients is, and I do for myself for my own business is to have ninety-day plans.

That means you have this focus deadline that is not so far away that's like "Oh, that's ages away. I don't really have to do anything on that yet."

So that means you've got kind of a sense of urgency on your daily and weekly execution of that plan which makes it more exciting and make its more present rather than something that's way off in the distance that you don't even need to think about yet, right?

"Effective execution does not happen monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. It happens daily, ultimately moment by moment."

The 12 Week Year

Business mistake number three is not using proven business development principles. 

Look, so in what I'm going to tell you about shortly, like there's a principle I'm sharing in this that I share with my clients. I didn't even learn this on a business degree, okay.

It took me doing other business development training and kind of using it myself and sharing it with my clients for me to realize that "Wow! This like really has the power to leverage your business in ways that you just would not have imagined before."

This is where you can get to double your result, to five time your result, to ten time your result. 

Actually, you know the impact can be exponential because it's something that gets better and better every time that you use it.

If you don't use these kinds of principles in your business planning, then your business planning is gonna be "Oh well, what can we do? Well, maybe we're going to have like a ten percent increase or a 20% increase or something."

That just doesn't really get you anywhere, right?

Actually, I remember I had this. Personally I spoke to who I was speaking to about potentially coaching them. When I asked about their goals, they had reduced their income goals to match the current level of income rather than making a plan for what could they do, you know, what different activities could they do to help them achieve their goals. And it's like, I don't want you to be doing that. 

You've got to be actually growing what you're doing. It doesn't mean working harder by the way. In fact, when you do this right, it's actually going to make things so much easier for you because you're going to be focusing on the right things.

Mistake number four is not using the strategies that suit you.

We all have our own natural strengths and weaknesses.

That's why I do personality profiling with all my clients so that they get to discover what works for them.

Now a lot of people will say, “Oh if you want to be successful, level someone who has done what you want to do.”But the problem with that is, is that they may not have the same strengths and weaknesses that you have, and you could end up feeling like you're swimming upstream because you are trying to do something that does not come naturally to you.  

As a recipe for burnout and as a recipe for things just not working well at all.

Mistake number five is knowing what to do but not connecting it with your day to day tasks and activities. 

When I first started planning, I was really proud of myself.

I was like "Oh great! I have a plan." It's short and it's clear.

And I know exactly what to do but I haven't connected it with my day to day tasks and activities.

This is something I will be covering in the workshop and coaching I'm going to tell you about in a moment.

That means the plans tend to get abandoned, they get put on a shelf and forgotten about because people don't kind of see "Well, how do I get this into my day to day working of the business?"

Mistake number six is when you're not executing on the plan because of self-sabotage.  

Have you ever had that? Where you know, well actually I know what I'm supposed to be doing but I'm not doing it. I'm procrastinating.

That could be consciously going "I'm a bit kind of ugh!, I don't know...can I do this. Do I deserve this. Am I good enough?”

All of that stuff might be coming up. Or it might not. It might be quite subconscious, but that self-sabotage is going there.

Mistake seven is where you're not executing the planning effectively because you don't have the right support.

You start off down this path but then something happens and you're not quite sure what to do about it. That you get stuck somehow and that you want to actually make things work for you.

Okay, so that's the seven things.

Now, if you're just joining me, go back and watch this from the beginning because they are very valuable. 

I have put together a Black Friday special, okay.  

Now, this is going to be something very exciting.

I am not a believer in discounting what I do. What I do is very valuable.

I think it is not fair to existing clients to do that.

I've been doing some posts this last week too about business planning.

And I love it when people were coming back and saying "No, I don't plan. I don't know how to to plan. I don't know how to plan. Oh, I do plans and I just forgot about them." All the things I've been talking about.

So I put together a One-day Workshop and Coaching to go with it and it's called "Double Your Revenues".

First off, we have the one-day workshop.

Before the workshop, you're going to get to do your Ignition Personality Profile.

That's gonna help you to understand what are the best strategies for you to use.

Forget about what everyone else is doing. Forget about all the lazy shiny new objects. Just ignore that. It's nothing to do with you.

You need to be focusing on what works for you and nothing else. Knowing this is going to help you to take your ever increasing to-do list and chop it. A lot of the time people get to chop their to-do list by half.  

My best testimonial thus so far is someone who is able to free up a whole two days of their week to focus on business building activities. And they've been able to grow with team as a result of that so they're not having to do everything in the business themselves.

That happens before you even get to the workshop.

And then what you are going to do is you're going to learn about...okay, one of the best strategies for you.

I'm going to share with you the wealth equation.

This is going to help you to at least two times your business results, but I bet it's going to be a lot more. I just don't want to overpromise. 

You know, whatever stage you are in your business, then, you know this is something that is going to make a big difference.

By the way if you have one or more teams of employees, this is better for me to come and do this in your business so you actually get engaged with inputs from other people in your team.

This workshop and coaching is perfect for solo business owners and those where you have like maybe there's two or three of you at the partnership, all owners and you can work together around it.

So you're gonna get to apply the wealth equation, you're gonna get to pinpoint the growth strategies that suit you and align with your natural strengths and also that make your weaknesses irrelevant. Like, how cool is that.

It's going to help you to have clarity on your business and the direction of your business.  

So you don't get stuck, you're not running around like a headless chicken. 

It's going to help you to maximise your productivity.

Because you're going to know exactly what to do. You're going to know exactly what to focus on.

You're going to be able to identify what to do yourself, what you can ditch entirely or maybe or you switch to a new strategy, and what you can delegate to other people so that you can really focus on when you're at the most value.

By the way, as you choose you can have the most fun as well.

What you are going to leave with this workshop is you can leave with a double your revenues blueprint. 

So you can see across the year. "Ah right, okay. So this is how I get to at least double your revenues" maybe more.  

And you're going to get clarity in that on new numbers, on the resources that you need and the direction.

Now what you are also going to do is we are going to dive deep into the detail of a 90-day plan for you. 

And here's the thing. It's that in learning this stuff, you're not just learning how to do it for this next year, this next quarter. You're actually learning to do this for yourself.

So you can take what you've learned and apply it every 90 days so that you get to have the success for years and years and years to come because these are proven and profound principles that really, really work.

Yes, it is 90-day actual plan. I call it the Goldilocks level of detail. 

It's not so much detail that you get bogged down in it, but it is probably more detailed than you're used to.

But it is going to be enough detail, just enough to be able to have you implement it, but not so little that actually it's a bit vague and you're not quite sure what you're dealing with. Does that make sense?

Let me know if that's something that appeals to you.  Do you like that idea?

There's more!

You're going to get three months of coaching support. 

You're going to get to come in on the Clarity and Commitment calls that I do with my clients.

We do this twice a month and even though it's a group so we get to mastermind things, but everybody gets to have one-on-one attention so that you're clear on we can look at how are things going, unpick any problems, and get you really focused and clear on what you are doing for the next couple of weeks. 

This is, I know my clients tell me, this is so invaluable for them.

Even with the coming on and they kind of go "Actually, yeah, everything is going okay", it just gives them that clarity but they always say "Actually, that was really useful what I heard that you said with so-and-so". Or other people give resources, etc.

It's wonderful. It's really supportive community.

We also have some bonuses, okay.  

We all love some bonuses, don't we.

  • Bonus #1 is to master your mornings workshop.
  • Bonus #2 is deep mindset shift LSL Group Session
  • Bonus #3 is One-on-one Implementation Coaching Call with me

Bonus #1 is to master your mornings workshop.

This is a training that I delivered with my clients. When you are able to start the day off right, then that helps you to go the rest of the day go really well. Now, this is often quite challenging for creatives.

In this workshop, I give some principles and tactics that you can use help you have a kind of framework for your morning routine that doesn't make you feel like you've got no choices or no freedom.

Bonus #2 then is the deep mindset shift LSL Group Session.

These are just phenomenal. We'll probably work on resistance because what's going to happen is when you have your plan, you're probably going to feel, "Oh, okay, right." Resistance comes up like this. This happens a lot for people.

And so we will remove your resistance to implementing your plan, to getting more new clients, to increasing your income. We can also personalise this as well.

So maybe there are some things going on for you and your personal business life that you know that you tend to resist. You're going to be able to kind of release that for you.

I've got some amazing testimonials from people who have worked with this tool.

And you also get a one-on-one Implementation Coaching Call with me.

This is going to help to just embed the shifts that have happened, the mindset shifts. And it can also have a look at your plan and see okay now that it has been a few days or weeks since the workshop, how is this all...you've had some time to think about and maybe need to do a bit of research and kind of fine tune it and just make sure that you are happy with going forward.

Okay. So all the details of this are in the link but I've got something very important to tell you,right.

As I've said, this is something I've created specifically for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You could see that people need something like this. I want them to have these changes in their business.

If I was kind of putting this on normally, like you're getting three months of coaching included in this, it's not just a one-day workshop. And even then, it's not just a one-day workshop. It's a business development and planning workshop.

You're going to learn principles that is going to help you to really grow your business for years to come.

You're getting to understand what goes on underneath to make your business work better and work better for you so that you can tailor that business and really, really make it rocket for you.

This is something that's so invaluable I would normally charge at least a grand for this.

Today, you can get this for £297.  However, I am gonna be keep putting up the price on this until Monday at midnight.

So every couple of days, I'm putting the price up.  So if you want to get this at this price right now, then you need to buy it right now. So don't hesitate.

Just check in. What is your intuition telling you? What is your mind telling you? Is this something that you think you are going to benefit from?

Then don't hold back.

If you wait, then you could miss out either because you can't get it at the price you want, or because places are limited. There's not going to be hundreds of people on this, okay. It's going to an intimate group of people so I get to spend time with each of you during the day.  You're going to get that support as well afterwards.

As you can tell, I'm really excited about this.

I want to make sure that you know that this is going to work for you. If you have any questions, just message me. I will be happy to answer them for you.

If you don't have any questions and you can tell "Yes, this is something that I need" just go and book it right now. Get it in your calendar and we can get started on getting you onboarded. 

You can get your Ignition Personality profile. You can start using the knowledge you get from that even before we actually have the workshop as well.

I've done this on purpose to get you to take action, right. It's not a false scarcity, okay. I could keep it at this price. I could put it up.

But I am not doing that. I want you to take action because you've got to be a decisive person to be successful in business. This is why I'm doing that. It makes a bit more exciting as well.

So this is going to be going up in price tomorrow. I'll be going up every couple of days after that. So take action.

If you have any questions, let me know at the comment below or message me.

Otherwise I will see you on the workshop.

Have a great day. I will see you all very soon. Bye!

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