Busted: The 7 Myths of Entrepreneurship

There are many misconceptions about being an entrepreneur, in fact I meet many creatives who don’t even identify with that term….

That’s something that I like to address early because unless you have a commercial team looking after your interests (and you better not abdicate everything or you could end up in trouble!) you’ve got to deal with the business side somehow. Otherwise you’ve just got a hobby, which is absolutely grand if that’s what you want.

Well, back to misconceptions, I was asked for my opinion on the biggest myths of entrepreneurship by Recruiter.com and here’s my answer:

“Many entrepreneurs love to be in control and may find it hard to let go enough to delegate properly. Certainly in the beginning there can be a tendency, or even a need, to do most things yourself.

It is vital that entrepreneurs quickly identify their natural strengths and then do these three things to make their weaknesses irrelevant: choose a business model within which it is easiest for them to add value sustainably; identify the best business development strategies and tactics to suit their talents; and hire people who can excel in their weak areas.”

Of course when people have access to Wealth And Talent Dynamics profiles it makes it a lot easier to know where to focus your energies.

Click here to read the full article on entrepreneurship myths.

What do you think of my answer and the other myths? Comment below because I’d love to know what you might relate to and what the impact is/was….

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