The 8 Wealth Dynamics Profiles

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Which Wealth Dynamics Profile Are You?

There are 8 Wealth Dynamics Profiles and each has different business development strategies to follow in order to be successful in their business.

When you and your team are in flow through understanding your own and each other’s profiles amazing aha moments occur.

Together with applying the Wealth Dynamics business development principles, in only a 1-day workshop a team can identify strategies to easily add at least £100k revenues to their organisation.

Even in a one-to-one Wealth Dynamics Strategy Session clients have identified how to add tens of thousands to their income in the next 6-12 months.

And of course the personal and wellbeing benefits range from having more fun and less stress, to avoiding burn out (meaning the business is likely to also reduce sickness and absence).

Following a team business development workshop the positive side effects include improved Trust & Flow, enhanced communication & workflow and increased morale and enthusiasm.

(Note: when used in a team context we use the Talent Dynamics test which has profile reports tailored towards career and team success.)

1. The Creator

Visionary, creative, optimistic, stimulating

Able to inspire others, can multi-task, quick to generate revenue, great at getting things started.

2. The Star

Vibrant, energising, image driven

Quick to deliver, quick to connect, can take an idea and run with it, can think on their feet, can improvise quickly in tricky situations, holds the stage.

3. The Supporter

Relationship focused, confidence building

Able to lead, able to follow, enjoy teambuilding, enjoy networking, great cheerleader, loyal to the right team, strong up front.

4. The Deal Maker

Outgoing, entertaining, approachable, mischievous

Always connecting people, quick to spot opportunity, operates out front, creates results through conversation.

5. The Trader

Sensory, balanced, observant, insightful

Grounded, creates loyalty easily, can multi task, gets the right price, gets to the point, often sees things that others miss.

6. The Accumulator

Reliable, careful, considered, meticulous

Delivers on time, rarely over promises, provides gravity for a team, looks for what can go wrong, Strong at turning a plan into a process.

7. The Lord

Controlling, cautious, organised, detailed

Analyses every situation, sees distinctions others miss, only comfortable once all bases are covered, able to list out every detail.

8. The Mechanic

Innovative, perfectionist, detail oriented.

Completes things well, able to quickly fine tune, spots inefficiencies in the system, able to simplify and replicate.

Which Wealth Dynamics Profile do you Most Relate to?

If you’re not sure (you’re not alone, many people either can’t tell or guess incorrectly!) then perhaps it’s time for you to discover your primary profile and associated strategies to help you:

  • Build trust (= more sales)
  • Get in flow (= less stress & more fun in addition to increased profitability)
  • Achieve your vision, profitably

Get your Wealth Dynamics Profile Test and have a one-to-one session to explore how to apply what you discover with a Wealth Dynamics Strategy Session.

 Or book a meeting with me to discuss how this could work with the team(s) in your organisation.