Increase Productivity: 1 Simple Time Saving Trick for Creatives (office productivity tools)

Watch this productivity improvement video for this simple trick I use to save hours every week. This is especially relevant for you if you often get to the end of the day wondering where all the time went! Do this every day to increase your motivation and productivity.

*** PS Watch to the end to see the outtakes! *** What did you think of this video? Will you use this productivity tool to save time and increase your productivity? Please like and share this video with your comments… I’d love your feedback!


Hi I’m Una, Co-founder of CreativeFlow.TV and today I want to talk to you about how you can increase your productivity.

I would like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine… Ta Da! Yes it’s a kitchen timer.

Now you may be thinking how on earth can the kitchen timer help me to be more productive? Well this is what you do…

You gotta decide what your priorities are. You gotta decide what your ambitions are for  that day and make an estimate on how long you think those things are going to take. And then break that time down into little chunks.

So if you’re doing kind of bitty work I would suggest you have 10 min intervals, or if you’re doing work that’s maybe a bit longer where you’re less likely to get distracted on the internet and where you want to be more focused and less interrupted, then maybe do it in half hour or hour intervals.

The point of doing this is this.. It’s so easy for us creative types to get distracted!

I don’t know about you but I tend to have 10 million tabs open on my internet at any one time and you know phone is there and I have ideas popping into my head and

I think about, “Oh I need to contact so and so…” So all the stuff tends to be going on in our heads and it’s really easy to get unfocused and distracted and get to the end of the day going “Where has all the time gone?!”

Click like if this has ever happened to you – be honest!

See the thing is by using a timer – and by the way this is a tip from a very good friend mine, a productivity expert called Rob P Brown. Thank you Rob!

By using a timer you can also become more aware of how you’re spending your time and how long things take.

So for instance I thought sending an email only took five to 10 minutes but I actually discovered from using the timer, that pretty much nearly every time I sent an email it was around the 20 to 30 minutes mark.

Well when you’re planning your day if you’ve got a better idea of how long things take, then you’re going to be better at planning what is actually achievable in that time scale.

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I don’t know about you but I certainly tend to underestimate how long things take. That’s very typical of creative people who are very high Dynamo energy. You know my head tends to be a bit in the cloud as opposed to being like the more Tempo people who have their feet on the ground and are more connected to the earth and the time and seasons and all of that.

By making a kitchen timer your best friend you can actually really have an impact on your day and I ‘m talking about saving hours a week, possibly even hours a day as well.

So make your timer your best friend!

I’m Una from, me and my buddy going byeeee….


What did you think of this video? Will you use this productivity tool to save time and increase your productivity? Please like and share this video with your comments… I’d love your feedback!

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Una Doyle

Increase Productivity: 1 Simple Time Saving Trick to give you hours back
every week, or even day!

Please comment & share – would love to hear your views! #productivity
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    Michael Tucker

    Well done Una.

    Una Doyle

    Thanks +Michael Tucker

    Michael Tucker

    When you are ready, take a look at a prompter that works with a 10" tablet.

    That will help when you get lost in thought while talking 🙂

    Una Doyle

    Thanks +Michael Tucker, we actually have an iPad teleprompter & app that we use for some videos. We had a window and grabbed it! LOL


Great tips to increase productivity from Una Doyle!!

    Una Doyle

    Thanks +Jeffz1122, appreciate the comment & subscribe 🙂 


HI Una This video seems to be well but to gather, you were clear, the
footage was clear, the images seem to be inserted at the right time, I like
how you added humor at the end, I think you did a wonderful job, diversity2

David Allen Wizardgold

Pomodoro Technique – There are apps you can get for the Smartphones too.

    Una Doyle

    Hi +David Allen Wizardgold – I'm so glad you mentioned the Pomodoro Technique! It certainly can be a great approach to increase productivity, however creatives often struggle to remember to keep doing something – even when it works – because they get excited about new things.

    One of the very important benefits of having a physical kitchen timer as a productivity tool, is that it sits on your desk to remind you. I tried using my phone previously but then I would forget to set it…

    Honestly, sometimes even with the physical timer I forget (beep, beep, beep as Una quickly sets her timer!). The difference it makes in my productivity is massive…

    Thanks for prompting me to say that David! Now, back to my newsletter… 🙂

    David Allen Wizardgold

    Well I always have the phone with me…

    Una Doyle

    Yes, indeed me too +David Allen Wizardgold – I think these days most people do. 😉

    Which app do you use David? I had a quick look in the iTunes app store and most seem to have no or bad reviews… Those who'd prefer to use a phone app will be interested to know.

    (Some people will still need the physical timer on their desk though to keep the idea of actually using the timer front of mind.)

Una Doyle

Just want to share this additional tip for using a timer by the very
talented copywriter +Ray Edwards

Do check it out, it’ll only take you a minute and I love his take on it.

PS By the way, since I made this video I came across the idea of only
sending emails that are no more than 5 sentences long. This has really
reduced the time I spend on my outgoing emails. I’m sure it’s also making
them more effective because they’re more to the point – always a good
thing. 😉

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