No 1 Creative Business Marketing Mistake

Marketing for Small Business: Are you making this big marketing mistake in your small business online marketing? Watch this short video to find out and discover what to do about it instead – it’s dead simple!

It’s real easy for business owners to get stuck in the day to day of getting and serving clients and not take the time out of their business to make sure it’s set up to maximise results from the value they’re already creating.

Leverage is the name of the game and this is what can help grow your business.

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Una Doyle

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Una Doyle

Una is a Business Coach & Strategist for Creative Services Providers (Design, Animation, Marketing/Digital Agencies, etc.). She helps them to stand out from the crowd confidently & profitably so they can attract high-level, 'Ready to Invest' clients, doing creative work that fills their hearts with pride - WITHOUT selling their soul or adding extra workload.

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Una Doyle

(Video) Are you making this No. 1 mistake in your business? (Marketing for
Small Business).

Bob Bermel

Hi Una, I agree … the biggest problem for the majority of small business
owners is working in the business instead of working on the business!

    Una Doyle

    Thanks for subscribing and for your comment +***** 

    Yes it can be challenging for some to get off that hamster wheel. Yet it's only by putting better business strategies and structures in place that they'll get to spend more time being creative… Counter-intuitive I know.

Erik Bergen

Good video i am still looking for businesspartners

Luis Salinas

Hi Una. Thanks for invite me to see this video…effectively this problem
many business executives have it… can happen even in an elevator where
they can lose the opportunity to make contact with a company director
either does not listen to the real need to give greater attention to a
device… the SME must leave their comfort zone and enter to unite new area
of learning and development

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