Win 1 of 78 Business Prizes Worth Over £16,500! (12 Days of Christmas Facebook Contest – Intro)

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Hi Una here, of & co-founder of Creative Flow.
I help frustrated business owners to increase sales & maximise profits while having more fun & freedom.

And I have a question for you…

Have you ever wondered what others are doing to get 6 & 7-figure businesses when you don’t?

Have you ever thought to yourself that you seem to be working harder than them, yet they’re the ones building the business of their dreams and jetting off on holiday several times a year?

Maybe you’re even frustrated with the feast and famine cycle in your business, when all it takes is a car breakdown, sickness, or that contract falling through to throw things off course?

In fact, I bet at times you’ve thought that you’ve earned more money in the past working 9-5.

When you enter your name and email in the Creative Flow “12 Days of Christmas” Facebook contest (
), myself and our prize partners are going to give you the chance to win 1 of 78 amazing prizes valued at over £16.5k that will help you to achieve your ambitions.

Not only this, but you’ll get a free video every day for the 12 days of the contest with business development strategies that you can implement straight away to make 2014 your best year yet and you’ll also discover which fabulous prize is announced that day.

Most of the 78 prizes involve you spending time with me or a top class contest partner so that you get the support you deserve.

If you are looking for sustainable business growth then simply submit your name and primary email address at the link so I can enter you into the contest and know where to send the videos.

Thank you and I’ll see you soon!

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Una Doyle

About the Author

Una Doyle

Una is a Business Coach & Strategist for Creative Services Providers (Design, Animation, Marketing/Digital Agencies, etc.). She helps them to stand out from the crowd confidently & profitably so they can attract high-level, 'Ready to Invest' clients, doing creative work that fills their hearts with pride - WITHOUT selling their soul or adding extra workload.

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Una Doyle

The “12 Days of Christmas” FB contest launches Christmas Day – get ready
for your chance to win one of 78 business growth & personal development
prizes and increase sales and maximise profits in 2014! Una x

    Bernard Loo

    Where do I enroll Una? Thanks and Merry Xmas!

Rochelle Gordon

I’ve clicked on the link and it takes me to a FB page with no way to leave
my name and email address. When I click on, it takes me back to the same

    Una Doyle

    Hi +Rochelle Gordon, a couple of things possibly happening here.
    1. The contest starts at 9am GMT Christmas Day so you can't enter just yet…

    2. I'm having problems getting the contest page to show up on mobile devices. I've been on to the support for the Facebook app I'm using to run the contest and they've come back with a suggestion that I've implemented. Would you be so kind as to try the link again and let me know if you're getting to the contest page? Even before it starts it should show you a page asking you to come back when the contest is open….

    Apologies for any inconvenience Rochelle, it's the first time we've run a contest – very exciting and very steep learning curve! LOL


    Una Doyle

    Thanks for the like +Rochelle 🙂

    Are you looking at it from a phone or tablet? Just so I know no issue with desktop/laptops…

    Una Doyle

    Hi +Rochelle Gordon the link is working now, you can now go and enter the contest and be in with the chance to win!

    Good luck and merry Christmas! 🙂

    Rochelle Gordon

    +Una Doyle

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