Speaking: Forward Ladies Networking – Manchester (Feb)

Midland Hotel Manchester

The Midland Hotel, Manchester

 “3 Challenges Keeping You in the Feast and Famine Cycle and What To Do Instead”

Have you ever experienced the feast and famine roller coaster in your business? Where just as you think, “Phew, things are really working out now I can relax”, something happens and you’re back scrambling for more clients, great team members or both…

Frustrating isn’t it? Well, you’re not alone. Unfortunately this can be very common, especially in the early stages of a business. Even larger businesses can experience this as they move from one stage of growth to another if not done correctly or as market conditions change.

I’ve identified 3 specific challenges that contribute to the feast and famine cycle:

  • Challenge #1 increases stress and reduces productivity (and fun!) – over time this can even lead to burn out
  • Challenge #2 makes your marketing much more difficult, ineffective and expensive
  • Challenge #3 makes selling harder and reduces sales

In this 45 minute presentation for Forward Ladies I will share what these challenges are and outline the solutions that will help you to move from feast and famine to financial freedom, followed with an in-depth Q&A on how to apply these solutions to your business.

Both Forward Ladies members and non-members are invited to this networking event – I’d love to see you there!

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PS Pop your biggest question about this topic in the comments below and I’ll be sure to address it at the event.

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Una Doyle

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Una Doyle

Una is a Business Coach & Strategist for Creative Services Providers (Design, Animation, Marketing/Digital Agencies, etc.). She helps them to stand out from the crowd confidently & profitably so they can attract high-level, 'Ready to Invest' clients, doing creative work that fills their hearts with pride - WITHOUT selling their soul or adding extra workload.

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