Self-esteem and Business - 1 Question Key for both 

In my experience there's the inner work of self-esteem and personal growth and the outer work of skills and knowledge. To be truly successful in business (and life) I believe you need both...

Watch this short video to discover a commonly asked question that could stop your personal and business growth in its tracks... Could dealing with this help with your success and creativity? 

Watch on for my thoughts on this question and a little bit of Marianne Williamson to boot! 

​Have you ever been asked this question? How did it make you feel and what impact did it have? Add your comment below with your experience and how you dealt with it...

Could dealing with this common Q help with your success and creativity? #business #video

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Una Doyle

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Una Doyle

Una is a Business Coach & Strategist for Creative Services Providers (Design, Animation, Marketing/Digital Agencies, etc.). She helps them to stand out from the crowd confidently & profitably so they can attract high-level, 'Ready to Invest' clients, doing creative work that fills their hearts with pride - WITHOUT selling their soul or adding extra workload.

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Jan Kearney

That’s a question that held me back for years. Love the Marianne Williamson quote too – one of my favourites. Who am I? I’m Jan Kearney and I am amazing, wonderful, brilliant and a whole lot more 😀

    Una Doyle

    Indeed you are Jan! Yes, she touches the soul…

Joy Healey

Hi Una

Very encouraging video, thanks. It’s funny how we remember so clearly all those put-downs from child-hood – kindly meant as I’m sure they always were. I was always told “Little girls should be seen and not heard” LOL

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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