What You Value Determines Your Results

Have you been wanting to achieve big goals in your creative business? Of course you do! I’ll be talking about the one most important thing that you should be giving value to keep your business not only going, but growing! Most people often take for granted this one important detail! Click on the video now and find out what it is!


Today we’re going to be talking about the one thing that you need to be really valuing in your business because what you value equals your business results. So, what’s that one thing? I’ll tell you in a moment.

For those of you who may not know me yet, my name is Una Doyle. I’m the founder of creativeflow.tv, where you gets lots of videos and articles all about how to help you achieve creative success in your business, and we do that by maybe having a bit of a different perspective than some other people and some fab tools and strategies and principles that are all about how you can structure your business to suit you and not necessarily just for the crowd and the latest fads that everybody has out there.

All right, then, so, what is this one thing? What actually happened this week, the reason why I’m talking about this is that I’ve had three new clients I’ve been working with this week and I was doing their personality profile with them, which helps them to identify their natural strengths, and also their natural weaknesses, and each of these clients in different ways were saying things that were all about how actually they didn’t value their natural gifts. This happens sometimes because actually what we do most easily, our most natural strengths and talents, they often come so easily to us that we just take them for granted and assume that everybody else can do the same. Not true. Absolutely not true at all. Those things that you kind of think well, yeah, anyone can do that. I assure you, there are people who look at you in amazement at the fact that not only can you do those things, but that you want to do those things.

You know, just in the same way that you probably have that same thoughts and feelings about other people and things that they can do that you maybe find really challenging or just would not want to do in a million years, but maybe they will be useful to you in your business. So, the impact of this, and this is definitely the case with at least two of these three clients, is that there’s a danger that you don’t charge enough and thank you for the reactions by the way. Love the reactions. Keep them coming. Also, it can cause people to hold back from promoting, and that was definitely the case with one of them, and perhaps a bit from the other two, but definitely it’s this thing that if you’re not valuing yourself and valuing your strengths then you’ve got to know that it’s going to stop you moving forward in your business and achieving your creative ambitions.

Okay, so the other thing that this can do is it can stop you being specific enough in your business. Now, the more specific you are the easier it is for your ideal clients to identify the value that you are to them, and the more that they can see how you can help them then the more clients you’re going to get and the more they’re going to be happier to pay higher prices for the privilege of you doing that for them as well, whether it’s you personally delivering services, or your team, or maybe with products. That specificity is absolutely key. If you’ve been watching my videos for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about being specific before.

And another thing that it can do is if you’re not valuing your own talents and your strengths it could stop you investing and not kind of valuing other people’s strengths and challenges  Let me rewind that. But you might not value what other people can add to your business whether they’re suppliers, whether they’re collaborators that you joint venture with, whether they’re team members or potential team members, or people that you’re working with, and you know, you might not be prepared to invest in them if you’re not valuing yourself enough because think about it, right? When you, how many times have you spoken to somebody and you just knew that your product or service would really, really help them and they weren’t prepared to make that investment in themselves, okay? It’s not that they weren’t prepared to not make an investment in you is that they weren’t prepared to invest in themselves because they don’t value themselves enough. That is often a big reason why people don’t make a sale, okay, why they won’t buy from you, but the thing is you could be doing that for you as well, and that could actually be holding you back from growing your business, all right?

Now, another way that not valuing your own talents and natural strengths could hold you back in your creative ambitions is because it could cause you to be out of flow. So, you know those times when everything seems to be going smoothly and you’re having fun and you’re achieving loads, and even if you have challenges to overcome, you feel confident that you can do that. That’s the flow zone, okay? Some people call it being in the zone, and the more that you are in the zone, the more that you are able to make great strides in your business.

And particularly if you are, you know, if you have a team, or you’re looking to build your first team, or grow your teams, then you need to make sure you’ve got the right people doing the right thing at the right time. That’s all about valuing your own and other people’s natural strengths and talents and making sure that they’re all working together wonderfully, okay?

So, what is it that you need to do, okay? Well, number one, this is something that I said to one of my clients this week, you are more than enough. I just want you to let that sink in. I want you to receive this, okay? I want you to understand that the thing is is that everybody has got gifts and talents. Everybody has got something to offer, and to somebody that is amazing. You are more than enough, okay? Now, if you need to make this into, in fact I need to do this. I’m going to make this into a little gif and go you are more than enough and you’re going to be able to say get this, and be able to play it anytime you’re not feeling as good as you ought to be about yourself, all right?

Now, the second thing is is that make sure that you identify what is the specific value that you offer. Now, I do this with all my clients because it’s all about, okay, understanding their personality profiling and I use tool with them to help them do that. That simple. Multiple answers, but my gosh, it’s amazing when people are going, yeah, this is me and all of the sudden we can see what’s the best business model for them. What’s the best strategies for them to use? One of the clients already, just from our first session, they’ve been able to identify that actually they need to kind of ignore one part of their business and really focus on another because that’s where they can really shine and now they understand why they have been working so hard, yet they were struggling to make the strides that they ought to have been.

So, the other thing is, is that in identifying your value you are able to identify where is it that you’re going to add the most value in terms of your clients. So, that really helps you to narrow down and focus in on who is it that you ought to be helping, whether it’s through a service or a product, you need to understand what’s the gap that your value fits into perfectly, and then you’re able to encompass that in all of your business in the way that it’s structured in your sales funnels and your marketing, so that everything fits together so that your ideal client is like, from the moment they come across you they’re like, oh, yeah, this is, that’s me. Yes, yes, I have that aspiration. I have that challenge, yes, you can help me to solve it. Brilliant, here you go. That’s what you want to be creating.

And the third thing then that you can do around this is to look at in understanding what your natural value is, then you can look at all the tasks and activities, or perhaps even like full strategies that you’re doing in your business and you can do the three Ds, okay? So, you can just drop it, like this one client is actually kind of dropping one part of their business. The other thing that you can do is you can delegate. So, perhaps there are things that need to be done in your business and they’re a good idea to do, but it’s just not where you’re making a good use of your time. So, those are the things you want to be delegating, not abdicating, but delegating, and I know, for people like you and me who are naturally creative this can be a bit of a hard thing to do because we can be control freaks, but there are ways that you can do that safely so you’re not at risk of sinking the ship, okay?

So, definitely you talked to me about that, and by the way, I’ve dropped a link in the first comment where you can book an introductory call with me to talk about this or any other aspects of your business development.

Okay, so the third “D”, so we talked about drop and we talked about delegate. The third D that you can do to be able to focus in more and more on your own value is to have a different strategy, okay? So, where is this something that you’re spending time on? Like for instance, with this particular client they were spending time doing online marketing type stuff but actually, A, they didn’t really like it, and B, it’s not really in their area of strengths, so they weren’t doing as good a job on it, and of course they weren’t doing it consistently, which is challenging for a lot of us anyway to do things consistently. So, if you’re not enjoying them, if they’re not fun and you’re not feeling, like, yeah, I’m doing a great job, then you’re not as likely to do that, are you? So, yes, this is what you can do.

So, let me just summarise, first of all you need to get clear on your own value and identify the gap of where you’re going to be able to add the most value and get well rewarded for that, all’s while having more fun. The second thing is, oh sorry, this first thing actually was to realise you are more than enough, that we all have our own unique value that we can bring to play in our creative endeavours. And then the third thing is drop, delegate, and choose a different strategy, okay? So, you got those three Ds.

All right then, let me just have a quick check and see if we got any other questions. Um, let me have a look here, do, do do, and just see because I’m not seeing on there. I know one of the, do, do, do… Where are we, no, no, no… I’m just going to bring this up on my page here. So, please pop any comments you have on the video and I will see those coming up. Let me just see, oh yeah, so we got a comment here, great message, you are more than enough, and I am, yes, absolutely, you are, and I don’t care who you are watching this you are more than enough, okay? Seriously, it is so true, and do you know what, my computer is just going scroll, scroll, scroll, and now I’ve got there’s no Internet connection, which I’m trusting isn’t true because I’m broadcasting, so maybe this is just taking up all my bandwidth.

So, thank you for joining me. I’m seeing there’s a few familiar faces, so thank you very much. Please share this out, if you like it comment, and remember visit the link in the first comment as well to book a free introductory call with me. Oh, and by the way, someone who did this last week, they said, like just after a very short time together, they actually said I am so relieved to know that there is a solution. I kind of thought it was just me and there was nothing that I could do about this, and they got some pointers to just go away with, and we can do that in a very quick call. All right, so lovely to see you. I’m Una Doyle, founder of creativeflow.tv and I will see you here same time next week. Remember, switch on your notifications, click the subscribe button and I will see you again very soon. Bye.

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