Over 70 creative business leaders and freelancers completed the Autumn 2015 Creative Business Development Survey, sharing what is and isn't working for them in business growth and development.

Everyone who provided their details got entered into a draw to win a £500 workshop for CreativeFlow.tv's services and I'd like to announce the winner!

Creative Business Survey Winner: Courtney Edwards of Transcended Visuals!

Congratulations to Courtney Edwards founder of Transcended Visuals, a London-based Creative Production company. He was delighted to get the call saying he'd won the prize! 

Courtney is an award-winning producer and director and the Transcended Team comes with a wealth of experience in the creative industries - a collective of film directors, designers, visual effects artists and art directors.

Transcended Visual's client list of major brands includes Paul Smith, Stone Island, Nike, ELLE International, Grenson, Sony, National Rail and Universal.

Courtney says: "We strive to maintain our high quality benchmark and transcend mediocrity."

Survey respondents covered a broad spectrum of the creative industries and hailed from web and graphic design and development to film and video production to architects, authors and storytellers

I'll publish a more in-depth article later along with some tips and suggestions, however here's some headline stats to tickle your thoughts over the holiday season:

  • 42% were in business by themselves, with only 1 respondent in a firm with over 100 staff
  • 20% named growing their team/finding the right people as a Top 3 challenge and 21% cited increasing productivity. However the vast majority (45%) went for lead generation and sales
  • 50% said that their business development activity had increased, yet only 28% said their revenues had increased?!? (Is that down to ineffective strategies and/or a lag time between activity and results? We can't tell from the stats but perhaps this is something to look into in the next survey...)

There's some other things in there that don't quite make sense considering the size of creative business of the majority of respondents - definitely food for thought!

I look forward to getting stuck into evaluating the stats (well kind of - I am a Star profile after all!) and providing some helpful pointers for creatives that want to grow their businesses. Stay tuned and  be sure to join the newsletter to get those juicy titbits.... (Top right hand corner of this page.)

Oh, and by the way, here's a video of the draw being made using RandomPicker.com:

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