Are You Showing Your True Colours in Your Creative Business?

Honesty is one thing, and showing your true colors in a business is another. Is it necessary for you to show your personality in every job or should your work represent your clients? Does it even matter? Let’s stop wondering and watch this video about showing your true colors and why it should or should not matter!


Okay so today we’re going to be talking about are you showing your true colours in your business? We’re gonna be talking about why it’s important, and we’re gonna be talking about the three most common reasons that people don’t do this.

For those of you who don’t know me by the way, my name is Una Doyle. I’m a business development coach, and I specialise in working with creative business owners, so filmmakers, designers, photographers, you know writers, people like that, anyone who’s using their creative talents and gifts and are either on their own or as part of a team and you know looking to make the world a better place.

So what we’re talking about today, are you actually showing your true colours in your business? So you might be thinking, well, why is that important? And I did actually do a show recently which was talking about, are you leaving your personality at the door, because you know you want to be professional? And this show might seem the same, but actually it’s a bit different, and it’s going deeper. And the thing is that if you’re not showing your true colours in your business, we spend too much time at work you know in our businesses not to be who we really are.

So I think the most important thing is so that you actually feel good about yourself, that you’re actually able to express who you are. Now I spent years in the desert, you know looking to build up, you know I guess to build up the courage to be able to really express who I am. I’m a creative and I’m an extrovert. You know I’m an actor as well as being a business development coach. And I grew up in a family of introverts, so you know different generations and all of that kind of thing, so it took a long time and a lotta work on myself to actually be able to feel that I could be who I really was and that was okay. And this is the thing is that it’s not just okay to be who you really are, it’s actually pretty essential.If you want to stand out in business, then you’ve got to be able to do that. You know this is what’s gonna help you to stand out in the marketplace. And you know if you want to charge appropriately, I have no doubt that there will be something about you and you really showing your true colours that actually will make a difference to your clients, and you know that when you feel better about yourself, you of course feel more confident to be able to charge appropriately, to demand you know great prices, and for people to happily pay you that, where it’s a really exchange of value. I’m not talking about ripping people off or anything like that. But just about you know, do you know what people value what they pay for a lot of the time. So yeah you want to make sure that you’re building that into things.

And when you are showing your true colours through your business, then chances are that you’re actually you know using your natural strengths and talents and that you’re able to add more value to your clients as well. And that it’s more meaningful to you, and it’s more believable to your clients. You know just think about it, if you have some kind of barrier up, because you’re kinda hiding who you really are, okay because you know we’ll come to the reasons why people might do this, then people are gonna you know maybe sense a bit of distrust or something. They might not even notice it consciously, they might not be able to put their finger on it, but if you’re putting a barrier up between you and your clients, then they are gonna feel it. And that means they are less likely to work with you or that they’re less likely to stay loyal to you. Okay because connection is so important, and we have to connect to ourselves before we can connect to other people. So this is why it’s so important, and I think this last reason is amazing because it’s actually very stressful to try and be somebody that you’re not. You know I spent a lotta years doing that, a lot of people thought I was really happy and confident, and you know in some ways I’ll have been showing you know my colours, some things I can’t just help but slip out. Yet, you know, it was really only after kind of really opening up to who I am and actually letting people see that, you know creating that intimacy into me see, like allowing people to do that. And I had to connect to myself to do that first before I could connect to other people. And that meant that you know if you’re trying to be something that you’re not, it’s actually very hard work, it’s very stressful. You I guess it’s not necessarily the same as telling a lie, but if you tell lies, then you need to remember what lies you’ve told.

So if you’re being somebody that you’re not, you’ve gotta remember who the person is that you’re pretending to be. And that takes a lot of energy, so it’s gonna be really draining and really stressful. And also if you’re not showing your true colours, then you know really you’re repressing yourself. And I don’t want that for anybody. I want you all to be feeling really empowered and really kinda you know having things out there.

So why is it that people don’t show their true colours? Well, the first reason is, is that quite often they simply don’t value what they do enough. And whilst this can be about being confident, a lot of the time when I’m working with clients, one of the first things that we do is I do a personality profiling tool with them to help them to identify their natural strengths and what are the best strategies and business models and tasks and activities for them. And when I do that, then the thing is is that they quite often are like, oh but can’t everybody do that, that’s really easy? And I’m like, no, it’s easy to you, but let’s look at these other people who are opposite to you. To them it’s not easy at all.

So you know it’s really easy to take for granted what comes easy to us and to not appreciate how important and valuable that can be to people who are not like you. It’s really easy to underestimate how different we can be. In fact,when I first moved in with my fiancee, you know after a few weeks, I was living together, bear in mind we had spent quite a lot of time together at this point, we were like two years into the relationship. And I was like, you find it hard to go out sometimes don’t you? He’s not agoraphobic or anything, he’s just more introverted than me. And the thing with introverts is that they really too much stimulation, too much variety, too much new people, new places, and things, can actually be quite stressful. Whereas for an extrovert like me, then if I don’t get enough of that, that’s actually stressful. And so it took me actually being here and kind of wow actually yeah this takes a bit of effort. So it’s really easy to underestimate how different people can be.

So the second reason why people don’t show their true colours is because they have a fear of criticism, of being judged, of what others’ opinions might be, that they might attract disapproval. And the thing is is that what I want you to ask yourself is, do you really value other peoples’ opinions over your own happiness, over your own success? Are you going to allow the thought of what might happen if you show your true colours, because it might not. Then you know you’re allowing the possibility of something negative stopping you being who you truly are and having all those wonderful things I talked about at the beginning, where you get to be yourself, where things are much more easy because you’re being yourself.

And you know so, I want you to ask that because if you know in your head well I ought to be saying no, but I’m finding that really hard, I actually do value their opinions, I am worried about their criticism, then please please please, you know this is something for you to let go of.

And I can recommend an approach, it’s not something I do myself at the moment, but I can recommend an approach to get rid of that. So look, send me a message if this is the case for you. I’d be happy to refer you on. Because when you can be free of other people’s’ opinions and you feel free to show your own true colours, it’s amazing. I’m actually getting shivers down the back of my neck. Okay it’s just so powerful to be empowered, to be who you are. You know what, if you have children, or if you have people around you that you wanna have a positive influence on, then this is what you need to be doing. Because if they don’t see that you think it’s okay to be who you are, what message are you sending to those people? Think about it.

Okay so the third reason and I come across this a lot as well, the third reason why people are often you know concerned about you know showing their true colours is that they actually think it’s selfish. They think oh well if I kinda of do what I want to do, if I work on you know do things in the way that works best for me, that comes easily for me, if I actually really focus on my strengths and talents and put all my energy into that, that’s actually selfish of me because it would be so much fun to do that. But actually you know that isn’t, it isn’t about, it just isn’t selfish. I can’t even get the words out. That’s not a selfish thing at all.

Okay, you know what is selfish is for you not to do that. Think of it this way, imagine it’s Christmas, and imagine you go out all around the shops and you buy the presents and you buy stuff online and it gets delivered and you wrap it all up and package it lovely. Thank you for the likes, keep ’em coming. And you know so and you’re really excited because you have all these gifts, and you’re excited about giving them to people. But imagine if you thought well no, I’m gonna get such fun from giving these gifts to people, I think I’m just gonna put them in the cupboard under the stairs instead, because I don’t wanna be thought of as selfish. Well you wouldn’t do that would you? And it’s exactly the same with your own gifts. It’s only a gift if you actually give it to somebody else. I don’t mean give it away, but I mean if you have that exchange of value. And quite often actually in you know marketing your business, if you’re marketing your business in the right way, you’ll be helping people even if they don’t buy from you. Okay so it’s absolutely not selfish to do that. It is the fact it is the most generous thing that you can do to give your gifts to the world.

So yeah so have a think about that. If this is you know making you think and making you wonder, oh right, okay yeah, maybe I’m doing that and what do I do about that? Or I’m not even sure how do I get to give my gifts in a bigger way? How do I get to focus on where my strengths are? Because there’s all this other stuff that is you know taking me out of my creative flow all the time. Then please, you know, set up a call with me, and I’ll pop a thing in the comments. I’ve got a link you can just pop in, just a free 15 minute chat, absolutely no obligation. It’s just about well let me see what’s going on for you, and I guarantee you you will go away with an insight or a tip or a strategy you know that is gonna help you to do more in terms of showing your true colours and getting you know your gifts out into the world. And really that’s what I want for you, and that’s what I want for so many you know creatives, to be able to do that, to be able to do their creative work, be in creative flow, get their gifts out into the world, make a great living doing so. It’s all about being happy, healthy, and wealthy, okay. That’s what I want for you. It’s what I’m doing for myself, and if I can help you in that, then let me know.

Okay I’m gonna wrap things up with that. If you have a thing at the bottom of your screen, click the button for it to get notifications. Please feel free to you know ask any questions in the comments. Unfortunately I’ve gotta run, so I can’t answer any right now, but if you put them in the comments I will come back and answer them. And I’m on the same time every week, so Wednesday 4:30, UK time, and I think that’s 11:30 EST, if you’re in the States or you know what time that is in your time zone. So I would love to see you. Come back, feel free to send me any messages about what you would like to hear more on, and I would be happy to oblige. Okay have a fantastic day and a fantastic week. I’ll see you next time, bye.

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