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You know I'm always talking about the importance of focus. Without it, implementation is usually patchy and it's challenging to make good decisions if you aren't focused on what is important.

There's the bigger picture of focus and there's focusing in terms of getting things done on a day-to-day basis. Both are ​equally important.

So I'm delighted to share that my mentor, Vikki Faudel, is coming to the UK with her family (from Denver, Colarado) to do a UK Focus Mindset Tour!

And even better - for me anyway - she's coming to Manchester as part of that.

Some events are shorter talks and others are workshops and they cover some or all of the following:

- Control your mindset
- Enhance your focus
- Eliminate distracting beliefs
- Work through issues
- Live in the present

Here's a list of what's on where with links to book:​

There's not loads of info on there because, well, that's the way that Vikki rolls. They'll do what best for the people in the room on the day. I urge you to check in with your instincts - I'm sure if you're meant to be there, you will be. 😉

And if you'd like to know more about Vikki, her work and how this was instrumental in my transformation, check out this video I did on International Women's Day.

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Anna Bowen

Lots of food for thought here! Who do I prioritise over myself? Mmm good question!

    Una Doyle

    Hi Anna, thanks for your comment and that is certainly a powerful question! 😉

    I think this is an interesting one for parents and carers also… Because there will be times when your wants might well have to defer to their needs.

    Yet in the long term if your needs are not being met then that usually isn’t good for them either.

    Add into the mix that many women have been brought up to believe that they must serve everybody else first – whether that is a conscious or unconscious pattern.

    Perhaps make a list of the major people in your life – family, friends and clients and see where the relationship is unbalanced.

    Also make a list of your needs and wants. Where are they being met, where not? What are your true priorities? And your true priorities will always show up in your results…

    So don’t kid yourself that they are one thing when life is clearly showing you that they are another! 😉

    And if those priorities need to change – what can you do to bring that about.

    Give me a shout if you’d like help with this.

    Best wishes, Una

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