Day 7: Swans-a-Swimming, Business Growth and Feminine Power (12 Days of Christmas Contest)

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Welcome to Day 7 of the “12 Days of Christmas Facebook Contest”! Stuffed full of Christmas cheer, business growth crackers and an exciting new prize announced each day! Keep watching to find out what you could win and how to enter…

Before that though, today’s business development cracker is inspired by
7 Swans-a-Swimming. Swans are often a symbol of love or fidelity because of their long-lasting, monogamous relationships.

I’d like to know what are you doing to create loyalty with your customers? Make sure that they feel understood, special and are surprised every now and then.

If they don’t feel understood they won’t feel like they belong. Know your market inside out, spot trends, educate your customer, make sure you ‘get’ their needs and listen to and satisfy their wants too…

Make your customers feel special, that you genuinely care about them. Structure your business, processes and systems with the customer in mind. You’ll be surprised what that brings up. Remember people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Customers will only rave about exceptional service and the surprises they got when somebody goes that extra mile. Empower your teams to really look after clients – within sensible parameters of course.

And remember it’s important to have loyal relationships with your team, partners and suppliers too.


The prize I’m announcing today is from Helen Butler, founder of Feminine and which supports professional women to Get Their Mojo Back.

What is Mojo? It’s being alive, that juice, that zest for life so if you find your job or business unfulfilling, are stressed, depressed or lonely then this prize is for you. Once you’ve got your MOJO back you’ll have the energy and passion back in your life to achieve your ambitions.

6 lucky winners will receive Helen’s Mojo Mastery 6-week coaching programme worth £397. This includes 3 Group Mojo Mastery sessions where you’ll learn practical tools and techniques. If you win, you’ll also receive a one-to-one coaching session with Helen to identify how you can apply what you’ve learned to your particular situation. And you’ll also have email access to Helen for the duration of the programme.

When you enter your name and email in the “12 Days of Christmas” Facebook contest, myself and our prize partners are going to give you the chance to win this or one of the other amazing 78 prizes totalling over £16.5k that will help you to achieve your ambitions.

Not only that, but you’ll get a video like this one every day for the 12 days of the contest with business development strategies that you can implement straight away to make 2014 your best year yet. Each video, like this one, ends with that day’s prize announcement and all the videos are archived for you to view at your leisure.

If you are looking for sustainable business sustainable business growth and don’t your business turn into a growth and don’t want your business to turn into a turkey then simply submit your name and primary email address WHERE? so I can enter you into the contest and know where to send the videos.

Thank you and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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