3 Tools to Help You Attract & Convert More Clients

3 Tools to Help You Attract & Convert More Clients

You have the talent, alright! Now, how do we increase sales? Watch this video and learn about how you can streamline the sales side of your creative business!

What You Will Learn In this Show:

  • Three tools that are going to help you to get more clients - 1:34
  • ActiveCampaign and how it can help you - 4:31
  • Other tools to help you - 11:13

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Key Take Aways

Key Takeaways &/or Action Points

3 Tools to Help You Attract & Convert More Clients

  • Getting to know your clients
  • Following up
  • How you can make payments easier, and make it easy to sell more

Other tools to help you:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • 21 Tools to Increase Sales Guide


0:32 -​

Today we're talking about three tools that are going to help you to get more clients, which you do in a much easier fashion. It's really important because I read so many creatives who want to have more sales and they don't want to be spending all their time working on that, that they want to have more clients, they want to get more of their work out there, and this is going to help you to do that. Do me a favour. Press like. Share this out. Let me know that you can hear me okay, and we will get stuck into the content. Now, for those of you who wanted, these are three tools of 21 tools. Now I haven't got time to go into each of those details, but if you look at the link in the first comment, you'll see that there is a link there. In fact it is this one here that I have a free guide. 21 Tools to Increase Sales in Your Creative Business. 

3 Tools to Help You Attract & Convert More Clients

  • Getting to know your clients
  • Following up
  • How you can make payments easier, and make it easy to sell more

1:34 -​

Tool # 1: Getting to know your clients

This is really important because I know that a big challenge for many people in the creative industries is, you know, if you're a photographer, if you're a web designer, or a graphic designer, perhaps you're in fashion photography, all of these kinds of creative businesses. Quite often they don't have enough leads, and then even when they are in front of leads, they don't always get to convert them into clients in the way that they would like, and particularly at the price that you would want. And this is why this first tool is so important because in this free guide, it's not just a list of tools, it's actually guidance on how and when you would use those tools as well.

There's a whole load of tools there about how to do that. The reason that this is so important is that you must make sure that your offer is compelling. And also, you need to know where you're going to find those clients. Right? So the thing is, if you're trying to market yourself as, "Oh I do all kinds of photography for all kinds of people," for example, then it's just going to make it much, much harder for you to identify who's your ideal client, and if you can't identify it, then how on Earth are they supposed to identify you as their ideal person to solve their problem, or to help them achieve something that they want? They can't. So you've got to focus in and being able to explore and get to know your ideal client by asking them questions, is really good. So one of the things I would suggest you do is go to existing clients or people who will be interested in your service and talk to them. So having telephone or face-to-face conversations are fantastic, but before you even get there, first of all, do some desk research. I've linked to some places that you can do that to find out what is it that people are saying, what are they saying that are their challenges, and so that's linked to in the guide.​

3:43 -

Once you have a bit of a broader idea as to what questions to ask about, then you can do a survey. Now you don't need expensive survey software to do it. In fact, you can use Google Forms, and that's the tool I want to share with you today. Won't cost you a penny and you can create a nice-looking forum, and it links directly through into a spreadsheet. And there's a few other options there as well that you can use for surveys that are all in the guide, but I like Google Forms. Unless I want to do something that requires a bit more data analysis, that might be a bit more complex, then I find Google Forms is really easy and it's very simple for people to fill in, it's easy for you to create as well. And you can change the bit at the top to make it match your branding. So that's the first tool.

​Tool # 2: Following up

4:31 -

I'm talking from experience. This is something that in days gone by was definitely a big, big challenge for me, and even now today I have structures in place to make sure that I do it, and one of the things that really helps me is this tool called ActiveCampaign. Now ActiveCampaign is an auto-responder, which means you are able to broadcast out newsletters, and you definitely got to be in constant communications, so you wanna be in a situation where you have permission to email people about to add value. It's not just about spamming them and saying "Hey, buy this, buy this." That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about educating them and adding value so that they will want to come to you instead of somebody else.

5:33 -

So yeah, you can broadcast out newsletters, but the other thing it lets you do is to send out a sequence of emails. So say I signed up for your free email course on three tips for the ideal business headshot, for instance. Then you could send that one tip out over a few days, and it helps to have lots of points of contacts to kind of build that relationship up with people. So when I signed up, say I signed up on a Monday, and you send those out, say, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but then you may have somebody else who signs up on the Wednesday, well then it would send it out, say, on the Friday, and the Monday, and the following Wednesday. So the idea is it's sequential and it all happens automatically. You're not having to do things manually. This frees you up to spend more time being creative, which is what you want, isn't it?

6:25 -

And so, the other thing that ActiveCampaign does, and you need to pay a little bit of extra for this, but I personally, I think it's worth it. If you're just starting out, then it be, it might not. You'll need to make that judgement for yourself, but definitely once you get going and you have clients coming in, it's so useful to be able to use this CRM facility in ActiveCampaign. Now this CRM simply means Customer Relationship Management, and basically what it is, it's a database. So ActiveCampaign is a database and it allows you to create lists, it allows you to tag people, so if they have visitors on a certain page on your website, you can tag them. If you have had a conversation with them, you can add a note to their record. You can put in place different product offerings and a kind of sales pipeline of the different stages of, "Oh this person made an inquiry, "this person's had a quote, they've now had a quote, "they're moving along. "Now I've invited them to make a purchase." All of those kinds of things that you can get all of that and structure it so that things become a lot easier and everything is in the one place, because the amount of times that I have talked to clients and said, "Okay well, how about you go back "to all the people who have made an inquiry "in the last year." Excuse me. "But didn't buy. “And just find out, are they still looking "for whatever it is that you provide? “What is it that you can help them with?" And a lot of the time people have no idea because things are on bits of scraps of paper, or an email here or an email there, and there's no cohesiveness to it. It just makes it harder, and you know what, there probably have been times when, I'm sure it happened to me in the past, and perhaps it's happened to you, but maybe you had an opportunity, maybe somebody was referred to you or you had an inquiry and it slipped through the cracks. So it's really important that you avoid this happening by making sure you have everybody in the one place where you really look to form fantastic relationships with them, and help them out, and some of that helping out will then be buying from you, and you both really benefit.

Tool # 3: How you can make payments easier, and make it easy to sell more​

Two of these things, they come into play, because if somebody has to email you to get a link, or has to send their bank details, or email you to get an invoice, then it's just making it harder. It's putting extra steps into things that you don't really need, whereas, if somebody, if you have a sales page or even you just email them a link, and then they buy and, boom, it's just done, then that makes it so much easier. Now, there are tools that you can have a merchant account with your bank. There are things like Stripe and PayPal and Braintree that will allow you to take payments over the internet. However, they tend to have a bit of setup. You have to have certain security certificates on your website, and if you don't have that kind of technical mindset, it might stop you doing things, and that's the last thing that I want. So what I want to share with you is one called Gumroad. Now this one isn't free. There is a monthly subscription for it, so don't sign up to it until you actually are ready to make sales. But once you have that in place, then it means that not only will they take the money for you, they can do it in all sorts of currencies, but also for those who are looking to sell into Europe, or are based in Europe, they look after all the EU VAT MOSS rules. If you don't know what that is, Google it. Do not fall for all of this. Now you can also, that while they promote themselves as being for digital services and for products, there are ways that you can use this. So say for instance, you're a designer. Then, like a designer or web developer, then if you work out, I told you about this in the previous show about how to get paid on time, what you want to be doing is breaking down your project into stages and getting paid a certain amount at each stage. You could set that up as a monthly subscription and say the project was over three months or over six months. You set it up with a monthly subscription, and so, or weekly, or whatever way it works for you and for your clients. So this is the way that's just going to help you to make things frictionless for your clients, that they can just whip out the card and boom, they have that, and they get a receipt in their inbox, and you're not having to worry about any of that.

11:13 -

So, there's other tools in the guide as well. So it's definitely worth having a look at that, and I want to share with you a quote actually. This is by a poet called George Herbert. "Do not wait, the time will never be just right. “Start where you stand, "and work with whatever tools you have at your command, "and better tools will be found as you go along." And that's definitely the case. In the 21 Tools to Increase Sales Guide, then I'm saying to you, "Well if you're at this stage, do this, and if you're at this stage, do that." And the thing is that you're just two clicks away from being better able to attract and convert your ideal clients. You'll be able to quickly cherry pick the best tools for you, for where you are right now, and get them implemented. 'Because as I said, it's not just a list of tools. This is several pages, but you can just skim through, go, "That's for me, that's for me," and it's a no-brainer. It's really obvious as to which ones are going to be right for you. So here's what to do. I want you to go to CreativeFlow.tv/21tools, and when you get there, you'll see there's a bit more information. Although actually, you've had more in this session. So yeah, so you got the page there. You just click the button, pop your email details in, and then you will get sent the link to download. It's that simple. So you'll know once you pop your details in, you'll get brought to a page where it confirms, yes this has all worked, and to look out for that. And that all happens instantaneously, so a couple of clicks and boom, a few minutes later, there you are. You have the guide, and you can get started on it. 'Because now is always better than in the future, or if you haven't got time right now, when you're watching to do is get it, and then schedule something in your calendar to make sure that you take the time to go through it. You probably only, just put in, like ten, 15 minutes. That's all you're going to need to skim through it and pick out what's the first one or two tools that I'm going to implement, and then, if you think there's a bit more, schedule another session for a couple of weeks later when you've had a chance to implement those, and then see what you're going to do next.

13:30 -

Alright, so. That's it from me today. Have you found today's show valuable? If you have, please click the like button, click the share button, comment, and let me know what questions you have. What tools have you used that you have found really useful? I'd love to hear from you, and I will come back and answer those questions a bit later. So, my name's Una Doyle, founder of CreativeFlow, business development coach for creative business owners and their teams where the businesses are big enough to have those. And make sure you download your 21 Tools Guide. I know it'll be a fantastic use for you. And I am here. This is part of a sequence of shows, so I do this every Wednesday afternoon here in the UK, so you can look out for that on my page here. Make sure you like the page and click for notifications as well. Alright, then. Have a fantastic week, and I will see you same time, same place, next week. Bye.

"Do not wait; the time will never be 'just right.' Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.

And that's definitely the case. In the 21 Tools to Increase Sales Guide, then I'm saying to you, "Well if you're at this stage, do this, and if you're at this stage, do that." And the thing is that you're just two clicks away from being better able to attract and convert your ideal clients.

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