3 Clever Examples of Creative Business Promotion

I came across this article in the Very Creative People Linkedin Group today (thanks Fershid Raaj) and was wowed by just how clever and simple this idea is:


The Spanish designer, Lucas Gil-Turner, designed 25 clever logos based on the top 25 most commonly used nouns in the Oxford English Dictionary, incorporating symbols associated with the words.

 This reminds me of the Ten Second Songs guy, Anthony Vincent, who created a video showcasing his musical, singing and video editing skills (http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/meet-the-guy-behind-20-styles-of-katy-perry-dark-horse-video-20140321). He’s now got more than 1.2M subscribers to his YouTube channel.

And also voiceover artist Brian Hull who has racked up almost 20M views on one YouTube video with his Disney and PIxar characters version of Let it Go (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hjbPszSt5Pc).  

So what do each of these 33 examples have in common? They took something that they do well and that relates to their business and from that created a piece of value that was fun, creative and a bit different. The result? They got noticed. They got shared. A lot.

Perhaps this is something that you could do for your creative business. If you’re thinking about it, here’s 5 quick business development tips to make sure that you maximise your results.


  1. Ensure that it moves you forward towards your vision, otherwise it’s just a gimmick.
  2. Have your business foundation in place so that it’s easy for your ideal customers to a) connect with you, b) get on your list (you do have a mailing list of some kind right?) and c) even better, buy from you.
  3. Bring out your passion and uniqueness. Anthony is in a rock band, Brian loves Disney films and they each had an amazing skill related to what they love.
  4. Make it outstanding – good isn’t good enough. I heard Anthony Vincent being interviewed on a podcast and he spent weeks planning his video, perfecting and practicing his performance.
  5. Promote it. Promote it. Promote it. Anthony also said that he had to work hard to get his video to the point where it went viral. Just think of all the noise on social media. Chances are that you won’t be able to just post something and watch it go viral – unless you already have a big following.

So what do you think – is this for you? Post your idea in the comments for some feedback.

PS I’d love to do a fun creative video relating to business development. Any ideas? What would you like to see/hear me do?


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