Why Nearly Breaking My Nose at 18 Led to Me Helping Creative Entrepreneurs Today

Why Nearly Breaking My Nose at 18 Led to Me Helping Creative Entrepreneurs Today

Join me NOW as I share the story of how I ended up helping Creative Business Owners such as Designers, Photographers and Content Producers - and why it's so important to master your Client Attraction & Conversion Engine...
You’ll hear it all - the good, the bad & the ugly!

​Show Notes:

Boom! Flat out on my face!

I was so lucky that I didn’t break my nose, a little bit blood there and the headache, the pain - ouch!!!

Imagine this, I’m 18 years old, larking about in a dance studio because I’m on a year-long drama and dance course in Dublin where I grew up. Next thing I tripped and fell.

I was in so much pain that I just started crying.
I. Was. Absolutely mortified!

First of all, I fell on my face. Errrr…. Really embarrassing to an 18-year-old.
And then I couldn’t stop crying. What the?

The teacher took me to one side and I was thinking, “What on earth is going on with me?” I just didn’t get it at all…. Why couldn’t I stop crying?

Bear with me, the reason why I couldn’t stop crying is totally relevant to why I actually do the work that I do today.

You see I took a circuitous journey to arrive at where I am today.

When I first arrived in the UK I worked as cabin crew. From there to sales and then to marketing. I ending up doing PR and marketing for 2 of the top creative agencies in Leeds, acquiring an advanced marketing qualification and a business degree from the University of Leeds along the way.

I was stressed at work and miserable at home and during this period I had a LOT of personal changes going on, which led to me gettign into personal development and growth.

Ultimately I trained as I life coach part-time and then set up my own life coaching business.

I was like, “Yey! No problem. I can make this work.” It did to some extent but I also had some challenges in having a very feast and famine roller coaster experience financially!

What I now know is that these were very typical challenges for those of us who are more creative but at that time, I didn’t know that.

I was paid to speak at conferences and the clients that I worked with loved what I did with them. I had a business column. I was on TV and radio coverage and had a column in a trade magazine. My focus was on helping people to grow their confidence.

However, behind the scenes, it was a different story and the key reason is I acked structure. I had left the kind of more corporate world and gone, “Yippee - FREEDOM!”

I remember I took off my watch and until I got my FitBit, I haven’t worn a watch since. That was over a decade over ago. I was like, “Yey! I’m not tied to time. I don’t need a watch. I can just get up and go for a walk when I want.”

I went to loads of networking events, and I was known by people, and lots of things were great but I made a lot of typical mistakes.

When I did something that worked I didn’t repeat it. Why would I do something again that was boring? So I was constantly reinventing the wheel and I didn’t have a system to attract and convert clients. I think that was one of the biggest things.

Plus, I was undercharging. For the value that I gave, I was way undercharging. It just meant I couldn’t make my business sustainable.

When the last recession hit, it hit me hard. I had to temporarily put that business to one side and come and get some consultancy work to pay the bills. It was tough. It really was. I get shivers going down my spine right now because it was really hard. This was something that I was so passionate about and that I had so much fun doing and it made a real difference to people.

It was awful. Really tough times.

The thing is I’m talking to clients who are experiencing these kinds of tough times.

Even the ones who are successful at getting clients in, they quite often are missing the structure that they need, whether it’s a matter of how they structure their time, how they structure building their team, or whether it is around how they structure their prices and their client attraction and conversion engine which means, what are the things you need to have in place? What are the things that you do on a daily, weekly basis to make sure that you have a steady stream of clients?

I was really fortunate to come across some amazing training. I went and did that. That taught me some very ancient and profound principles which when applied to business makes a massive difference. A part of that is a personality profiling tool and I do this with all my clients.

Now, because how do I know what is the best way for you to build your business? Your strengths might be different to mine which might be different to that person over there and that person over there. I think this is one of the challenges that people have. They are overloaded with information and they do not have enough implementation. I want you to go from information to implementation. I can help you to do that.

I now attract clients and I convert them with ease because for the right people having this client attraction and conversion in place just means that it’s easy for the right people to become my client. I now charge good prices and they’re going to be going up in the spring in fact, in January if not, before.

I would just like to offer you the opportunity to come and have a chat with me. It’ll be pitch free unless I think I can help you and you’re interested. I won’t be talking about what I do. It’ll just give us the opportunity to have a conversation and for me to give you a strategy or a tip or an insight to help you to have a different look at your business. This is really what I want to do.

By the way, please share this out to your connections because it’s really important. I’m on a mission to help creatives to make the transformation into creative entrepreneurs.

Like the stories that I’ve had a client who, like what she used to give away for free, now charges £500 for. That’s even before they became a proper client. They’ve also doubled their prices.

I’ve got other clients who have very similar stories and I would love that to be your story too. So come and find out what it’s all about and get your free consultation.

I have it down as 15 minutes but please allow up to half an hour just in case it takes a bit longer. So here’s what to do:

  1. Click the link above to book your preferred time and date on my Calendly diary

  2. Answer a couple of questions to give me some background info so I can be prepared for our call

  3. Grab a cuppa and hop on Zoom for our call at the arranged time

    I look forward to speaking with you soon!
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