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The Procrastinator

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Curious about the other Sneaky Subconscious Saboteurs?

There can often be cross-over between the Saboteurs because we are complex human beings… I certainly have related to being affected by the Self-help Junkie, Control Freak and Secret Agent in the past! LOL

If you resonate with being affected by any of these others, simply make a note and let me know when we speak.

The Self-Help Junkie

This Saboteur loves to have you spend lots of time learning but not too much implementing. How can you when there are so many ‘shiny new objects’ to explore and discuss? The connections and feeling of belonging created by attending events can also feed into this. What if you were more successful and moved on? This Saboteur may also be sticking around purely because you’ve not had access to the right tools to release what’s holding you back.

To wave bye by to The Self-help Junkie: When you value you and your skills and release the fears of success and failure this will allow you to get focused and implementing. Embrace success and how this allows you to connect in meaningful ways.

​The Control Freak

This Saboteur means you feel best when in control. Drives you to be strong, high achieving and to prove to yourself and others you’re good enough. Yet the Control Freak doesn’t want to be vulnerable so makes it hard for you to ask for help or delegate well. Results in you working harder than necessary and feeling a lot of pressure and frustration.

To wave bye by to The Control Freak: Let go of the past so you can trust your own judgement in others. When you truly feel good enough and deserving, you will be able to ask for help and release the pressure to do it all yourself.

​The Secret Agent

This Saboteur epitomises ‘Imposter Syndrome’, which has you feeling insecure, like a fraud and thinking that your accomplishments are sheer fluke - even though everybody else knows why you’re great. It’s hard for you to enjoy your money and success without guilt and/or fear of being ‘found out’. And you can feel pressured and trapped by this Saboteur’s fear of failure and other’s expectations.

To wave bye by to The Secret Agent: Release what is stopping you being secure on the inside, so you do fully approve of yourself and feel good enough. Stop trying to please others and ensure that you’re pursuing your own dreams and goals. Let go of the pressure you put on yourself and that you feel (rightly or wrongly) from others.

​The Procrastinator

This Saboteur causes a lot of resistance - to starting and finishing things! You have big ideas but this Saboteur causes you to take on too much and then beats you up when you experience the frustration of not getting things done. At the heart of this is the Saboteur’s need to be perfect teamed with a fear of failure/success.

To wave bye by to The Procrastinator: Release resistance, perfectionism and fear of failure/success. Let go of what’s stopping you truly valuing yourself so you can set achievable goals and plans and know you deserve success.

​The Scaredy Cat

This Saboteur causes you to turn down great opportunities and push everybody else forward into the spotlight due to big fears. Empathy can means you take on other’s ‘stuff’ and can confuse it with your own increasing the level of this Saboteur’s fear and resulting in you hiding in the background, despite knowing you could be amazing and shine brightly and deep down want to do so.

To wave bye by to The Scaredy Cat: First steps are to release the Scaredy Cat’s fears and build inner confidence, self-worth and deservedness. Then by releasing the duality of both wanting and rejecting opportunities and experiences you’ll be able to step into your power and shine!

​The Martyr

This Saboteur can have you feeling very negative about the state of the world, greed, what people should and shouldn’t do and how you’re always the caring one trying to help - leaving you little time to focus on you. Poor boundaries means that everybody else comes first - which is actually a great way for this Saboteur to have you avoid dealing with your own problems because you’re too exhausted to even think about them!

To wave bye by to The Martyr: Release fears, stress and guilt/shame over you doing well. Learn to value yourself more and put yourself first. This means you will be so much more resourceful to help others more - in healthy ways.

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