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Creative Business Coaching Package

Alison Rentoul headshot

Alison Rentoul

“Una Doyle is an incredible coach. She somehow manages to support me, encourage me, reassure me, challenge me and kick my butt all at the same time. Working with her has been so enormously beneficial. 

Every session is a veritable smorgasbord of insights, ah-ha’s and strategies to take my business forward. 

More than just a coach, I feel like Una truly cares about me as a person and unlike any other coach I have ever worked with she has actually taken the time to truly understand my unusual business and industry. 

The strategies I have developed with her have already seen me increase my revenues considerably (average monthly sales up 35.85%!) and I now have a clear idea of exactly how I’m building the business from here. 

I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone seeking serious breakthroughs in their business and life.”

Alison Rentoul, The Crew Coach (Creator Profile)



Ginny Carter

“Thank you Una. This whole process has been so brilliant – I could never have got to this place on my own!

Our Strategy Session made me realise that even though I’d created a pretty successful business, I’d been pushing aside the reality of how unhappy I was working in it.

While my Talent Dynamics Profile Test report was interesting, I was more excited to discover how to apply my Profile (Lord) to create a new business where I could be in Flow.

You gently helped me to confront what didn’t work for me and to discover new ways of working that do. Even when I initially didn’t think my ideas were financially feasible, we’ve been able to create a business model and plan that ticks all my boxes.

What a transformative process! I’ve gone from feeling fairly unhappy in my work and not seeing any way out of it, to being on the threshold of doing something I really love.

More importantly I feel deep down inside that I can do this! There will be some harder projects, some easier – but none that I can’t do. I KNOW I can do this.

I didn’t feel this with my my original business and in previous jobs I sometimes felt inadequate, when really it was something that I was never going to be any good at.

Our coaching has been a real eye opener. With understanding Talent Dynamics I know now where I fit in.

When I come across new people I can more easily tap into what motivates them, can see them for who they are and can work with them in ways that makes more sense for them – we can both be right.

Being more accepting of others has made me more accepting of myself too. Now I feel comfortable in my own skin, and that’s priceless. My new business will build on this and be so much more successful as a result.”

Ginny Carter, MarketingTwentyone –


 VIP Business Booster Day*

Photo of client Jacquie Drake

Dr Jacquie Drake

“Great results, great value, Una’s VIP Day is a block buster! 

During the day we uncovered what to focus on and how to structure my business and offerings to add an additional £100k on top of the revenue increase I had already decided upon. In addition, I’m now launching my new coaching programme for professional managers 5 months earlier than I thought possible because of the approach she outlined.

This was an intense, full-immersion “leave no stone unturned” experience. There was no escape from the difficult bits. Everything got dealt with – and more. We covered a vast amount in the time. 

Una herself was turbo-charged all day and her good nature made it fun too. Insightful, demanding and resourceful, she kept my focus on the decisions that will make my future a profitable reality.  

This was an investment in myself – if you believe in your business, give yourself the VIP treatment for a day. I promise, you won’t regret it.”

Dr Jacquie Drake – Founder of the new online business,

  • VIP Business Booster Days and Half-days are available upon application and can be done either in person or online (as was the day above). Contact us for more details.

 Get Focused Strategy Session

Darren Brown - Get Focused Strategy Session Client

Darren Brown

“As a business owner heading into my third year of business, I wanted to invest in taking my graphic design business to the next level. 

Una was very helpful in getting me to focus on ideas to help build my business. As well as great tips and reading matter via her websites, she also provided a ‘Get Focused’ Strategy Session, all of which added up to a “full service” of my business, and left me clear on the way forward, feeling more positive and with specific actions that I can take to grow my business.”

Darren Brown, Darren Brown Graphic Design



Wealth Dynamics Strategy Session

“Una provided useful insights into my plans and ideas. She was refreshingly challenging and was willing to stand by her comment and suggestions. If you want someone with a results focus who will challenge your thinking, you’ll find her advice helpful and profitable.” 

Jonathan Brown, Coach and Consultant


Anna Bowen

Anna Bowen

“I found the Talent Dynamics process that Una took me through completely fascinating. I have undertaken several other personality profiling exercises before throughout my career but this is the first time I have felt that it was totally accurate and significantly valuable to me in my career.

Talent Dynamics is simple to understand yet it gives you a complete understanding of how you operate and how to fully harness your potential. After my debrief with Una, I was instantly brimming with motivation and I felt more enthusiastic about my working life than I had done for many years. I couldn’t wait to get started, armed with my new direction and strategy on how to get there.

Since my debrief I have been busy putting the building blocks in place to set me on my new path. Aged almost 40, I finally understanding enough about myself to ensure that I steer my career in a direction that will keep me feeling motivated and in doing so I will harness the maximum productivity from myself and those around me.  I highly recommend Una and Talent Dynamics.”

Anna Bowen, Anna Bowen HR


Shelagh Brownlow

Shelagh Brownlow

“Una helped me make sense of Talent Dynamics and gave me an excellent insight into how I could apply my Lordly talents to helping my clients so that I increase my value.

I now have a very clear view of who my target market is which has helped me develop a much more specific pitch for my networking meetings.  It has also allowed me to develop a theme for my new website and saved me hours of head scratching to come up with ideas for interesting copy.

I am delighted to recommend Una to any business owner who wants to take their business to the next stage.  She’s a great listener and also has lots of creative ideas to share.

Thank you for your help Una, it’s really made a difference to my business.”

Shelagh Brownlow, Director, Brownlows Accountants
(by the way, Shelagh now focuses on working with creatives too so let me know if you’d like an introduction)


Other Coaching & Programmes

On a Content Marketing Idea Generation Session (one of the 12 Days of Christmas Contest prizes)


Lisa Pattenden

“I massively benefited from this session! The new way I will approach blogging is going to revolutionise my business. I really appreciate the keen insight that was given to me in regard to helping me move forward and really treat this as a business.

During the session we plotted out a plan for my blog, refined the messages that I put out and I learned about planting seeds within the posts. I also got really clear on how I want video to play a part in my business and what needs to be done there.

As a result of this session, I now have:

  • A goal, this is a huge step from when I was just hitting and/or missing the attempts
  • Excellent focus for me to hone in on what my customer is looking for
  • Identified where I can improve and how to improve it 🙂

I would absolutely recommend working with Una because it was easy, friendly and really got to the core of what was needed. Thank you! It was a pleasure.”

Lisa Pattenden, The Breast Cancer Survivors Blog


On Business Coaching

Gabrielle Izen


“I worked with Una as my coach on some business issues I was dealing with. I found Una to be calm and understanding, very intuitive and reassuring. She helped me to deal with these issues swiftly and with much laughter.

I’m now making great progress with my business. I can highly recommend Una as a fantastic coach to work with.”
Gabrielle Izen, Greetings Cards | Stationary | Artwork handmade using traditional methods

“Una is an excellent coach who inspires people with an approach that builds confidence and self belief.
She developed my entire team to set challenging goals both inside and outside of the workplace and had a lasting impact. 

Una is also a very able communicator who is a great expert on engaging others and bringing a creative and compelling approach.”
Julie Harris, HR (Regional Head of HR at Argos at the time of working together)

Bev Holden

Bev Holden

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Una on several occasions, both in the commercial arena and as a volunteer and have always found her inspiring, knowledgeable and professional as well as great fun to work with. I can recommend Una with confidence!”

Bev Holden, The Clear Thinking Partnership Ltd


Public Speaking & Seminars

A selection of testimonials on keynotes & talks. If you would like Una to speak at your in person or online event please contact us with some details.

“When Una offered to speak to the networking group I host, I was delighted. I knew Una’s approach to coaching wouldn’t result in the “usual” business coaching talk.

I wasn’t disappointed! The group was introduced to concepts from a different angle while being respectfully challenged to think.

On a personal level, Una’s “3 Challenges Keeping You in the Feast and Famine Cycle” presentation hit home hard. There were far too many “a-ha!” and “of course…” moments to mention. The talk opened my eyes and challenged my thinking. I didn’t nod and agree, I didn’t scribble some notes then forget about it.

The “Feast and Famine” talk invigorated me into action and gave me back my mojo. That afternoon I started shifting deadwood and putting into place new roots. By taking inspired action I had an immediate weight lifted off my shoulders, which allowed me to regain focus.

Thank you Una!”

Jan Kearney, My Local Business Online

Sarah Harkness

Sarah Harkness

“I saw Una speak recently at the Manchester EI & NLP group. As someone who tends to be fairly critical of other speakers, I found Una engaging, entertaining and thought provoking. I would thoroughly recommend her if getting the most out of your team/your employees is important to you!”

Sarah Harkness

Kai Morasch

Kai Morasch

“Una is a professional speaker and developed and presented at our webinar for partners, clients and prospecs. She managed to enchant the viewers and showed great passion about the topic of ‘Perform at your peak in a week‘.”
Kai Morasch, Verio Europe GmbH

Roger Longden

“Una delivered an excellent and informative seminar on the Talent Dynamics pathway for the Manchester EI & NLP Group. The feedback from the group was very positive – they could see the value of the pathway in relation to how they manage the performance of their people and how to align the right role to the right individual to enable “flow“. 

Overall, I’d recommend Una as an engaging public speaker with some very interesting insights to share.”
Roger Longden, Volition Performance Ltd

Fergus McClelland

Fergus McClelland

“Una is a person who comes from love, sincerity and honesty. When she tells her stories you know she is telling it like it has been for her and the message she wants us to take from what she has lived. On stage, she glitters.”
Fergus McClelland, Fellow of the PSA and Communications Trainer,

“Una is both knowledgeable and passionate about the material she presents and has the skill of application to boot!”
Anthony Healer, West Yorkshire, UK

“A very vibrant speaker, knowledgeable and with a wide range of knowledge.”
Nigel Skinner, Bradford, UK

“Very persuasive presenter and very effective problem solver – gets alongside people.”
Elizabeth Harfleet, UK

“Una was great at working with people on ‘real’ business problems in the Challenge Una section.”
Tony Brook, Oldham, UK

“Lovely genuine and warm person and a brilliant presenter.”
Sarah Harfleet, West Yorkshire UK

“A congruent delivery of some very useful information. I liked it all.”
J. Vora, West Yorkshire, UK

“Una is a person who speaks sincerely and is willing to help you look at solutions to problems, even though there’s a lot to take in.”
Gareth Shorter, West Yorkshire, UK

“She can change business mindsets with ease…”
Joan Flowers, West Yorkshire, UK Smile &

“Una, top marks for your presentation skills. Lots of good ideas and experiences as examples. You have a breadth of skills.”
Kenneth Spencer, Belvedere School of Motoring,

“Lovely personality, her honesty and integrity shine through.”
Jean Myall, West Yorkshire, UK

“Bubbly, relaxed, engaging and knowledgeable speaker.”
Jeanette Harkness, Positive Days,

“Knowedgeable lady with enthusiasm.”
David Hasdinge, West Yorkshire, UK

“Una connects really well with her audience, she is inspiring, confident, competent and empowering.”
Paul Owen, Manchester, UK

“She is a most genuine, inspiring and motivational person. Her approach is original and dynamic – I will be making my own little changes as a result. Thank you.”
Danielle Sewell, Hull JCI

“Hi Una. Today I attended a Business Link event in Scarborough and I found your session very useful and interesting. Thank you again for a thought provoking morning.”
Allyson Scarth

“Down to earth and easy to relate to.”
Richard Ignatowicz, Mortgage Consultant


“Passionate about her message”

Shelagh Brownlow, Manchester, UK

“Very bubbly, nice and confident person. Get the feeling it would be a good thing to be more like her.”

Joanna Wilson, Hull JCI

“Una puts forward knowledge, getting you to look inside and acknowledge what is, in an inspiring and entertaining way.”

Julie Silver, Nutritional Therapist, Natural Health & Stress Management Consultant.

“Great presenter, fun and interactive session with fantastic content. Thanks Una.”

Debra Brown, Chair of MasteryGym (a personal development group in Manchester, UK)

“Keeps you interested. Lively and fun!”

Laura Devine, Hull JCI

On a 2-day seminar for new businesses:

“Una has a unique humorous style and phenomenal expertise. This was a truly empowering seminar.”

Asif Raman, Psychiatrist in Independent Practice, West Yorkshire

“This seminar will get you pointing (and moving!) in the right direction towards your business dream…”

Eddie Palao, artist, London

“During this seminar Una demonstrated how inspiring and passionate she is. She really knows her stuff and is full of ideas.”

Satie Punglia, West Yorkshire

“This was a great, down-to-earth, common sense seminar. Very useful, well structured and really got me thinking of things I hadn’t realised were in my mind.”

Paul D Ronan, Nursing Home Construction, West Yorkshire