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 From Starving Artist Moments... To Confidently Commanding The Level Of P​rices That You Know You REALLY Deserve!

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Step1. Whitelist My Email

Whitelisting simply means that you will ensure to receive emails from me.


This is especially important for the Daily Dose of Inspiration you'll get. 

However, you will also receive 'Add to Calendar' emails & reminders with the links for our Mindset Shift Sessions. 

It helps to reply to an email from me, so go to your inbox and do that now if you haven't already. Let me know what you're most excited about! :-)

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Step2. Add Appointments to Your Calendar

In the next 24-48 hours (working days) you will get an email with the subject, 'Add to Calendar: LIVE Pricing Power Mindset Shift Sessions' email from me. 

​Depending on your email system and calendar, this email may well add in all the sessions automagically for you - BUT please double check they are ALL there, not just the 1st one.

Join the Private Facebook Community

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Ask questions between calls, share your experience and post your responses to Daily Dose of Inspiration emails and exercises! :-)

As part of your onboarding you will be added to the Live Bonus Workshops and Mindset Shift Session calls and sent confirmation emails and reminders. All of these take place on Zoom and the link to join is in the confirmation and reminder emails..

You will also start getting your 'Daily Dose of Inspiration' from Monday 1 Oct at 6am your local time. 

You might like to set up an email folder for these as they may well contain ideas, exercises and resources that you'd like to revisit and having them all in the one place will make this easier. 

Mindset Shift Sessions

Below are the dates for the regular calls on Mondays and Thursdays for the Mindset Shift Sessions. These will last approximately 90 mins each.

IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of these calls, privacy and that you need to be there live to experience the impact of each session, these calls WILL NOT BE RECORDED. If you miss a call, you miss that session.  

If you purchased the 3 additional 121 sessions, you can use these to make up for any ones you need to miss, or to do different sessions. 

So please add these to your calendar now and ensure to work around them when booking personal and business appointments...

Please note that the clocks change different weeks in the UK & North America - so I have listed the timezones as they will be on each date taking this into account.

Monday 1 Oct, 7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST

Monday 8 Oct, 7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST
Thursday 11 Oct, 7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST
Monday 15 Oct, 7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST

(clocks change in UK)

Week off for UK half-terms & Thanksgiving
Monday 29 Oct, 7pm UK/3pm EST/12pm PST

Thursday 1 Nov, 7pm UK/3pm EST/12pm PST

(clocks change in USA)
Monday 5 Nov, 7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST
Thursday 8 Nov, 6.30pm UK/1.30pm EST/11am PST
Monday 12 Nov, 7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST
Thursday 15 Nov, 7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST
Monday 19 Nov, 7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST
Thursday 22 Nov, 7pm UK/2pm EST/11am PST

BONUS Workshops

Feel free to ask any questions about the workshops in the private Facebook Group.

Ignition Workshop 

This workshop explores 8 entrepreneurial personality profiles and in knowing and understanding yours, you can identify which are your best business model and growth strategies based on your natural strengths. 

You will discover how to get into and stay in flow, increase creativity, productivity and spend more time doing what you love.

Unblock Blocks to Flow Workshop 

In this session you’ll identify the key things getting in your way and stopping you increasing your earnings.

This eye-opening exercise, combined with what you learned from the Ignition workshop, will help you identify some quick wins, dispel some myths and get focused on what will really make a difference to your results. 

Plus it will help to identify some of the mental/emotional blocks that we can work on releasing in the Mindset Shift Sessions. 

To watch, use the password: flowing

Master Your Mornings

It’s clear that consistently successful business owners tend to set themselves up for daily success with a morning routine. But how do we as creatives (who often hate routines with a passion!) manage to master our mornings? 

In this workshop you'll create a flexible framework to suit your needs, your family and work requirements - and which will also give you choice and variety. 

The slides are available as a pdf in the Facebook Group.

To watch, use the password: masterful

Raise Your Prices Workshop - Date TBC

In this workshop you will discover the top pricing strategy and elements required in your business in order to attract and convert high level, 'ready to invest' clients. 

This, combined with your new found confidence and empowerment from Pricing Power, gives you a winning combination! ;-)

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