Momentum: Build Success Upon Success, Double Your Revenues & Create A Bigger Impact!

Don't Want to Have To Do This On Your Own?
(For existing clients only)

Make It Easier To Achieve Your Goals & Ambitions!

This programme was created as a result of clients wanting continued support from our work together. I get it because I've been frustrated in the past when clients told me they lost momentum after we've finished working together.

At the same time I'm consistently up levelling what I'm offering in a new programme for even more cohesive support and better results. And I want you to benefit from this too...

Deepen your clarity and alignment of your business vision and purpose! Discover ways to make your business more meaningful and fulfilling for you (and team) as well as more impactful for your clients and wider world.

Accountability is Awesome. Accountability Based On a Great Plan is Even Better... 

This programme is about implementing what you need to do next to build your momentum. If you're not moving forward than you're probably going backwards... 

Accountability: when you're accountable for implementing the plan you created then it's so much easier to stay on the rails regardless of distractions and procrastination. You probably work better to a deadline, right?

I've experienced myself personally and with clients the myriad of different ways that things can fall down the cracks and get off course! So I have pulled together the best strategies to stop this happening.

Alignment is a key element of you successfully implementing your plans.

Not Just Any Plan: A Tailored Blueprint* From Your Inspired Vision; Designed To Leverage Your Unique Value For Ultimate Productivity & Profitability and to "Double Your Revenues"...

We'll tap into your soulful strategies for success to create a meaningful and inspiring vision. Then plan the next steps - based upon simple, yet profound growth principles that aren't even taught in business school! This means you get to choose your best ideas, do less and achieve more.

More than that, each 90-Day planning cycle brings new learning that improves your plans and results every single time.

* Access to 1-Year "Double Your Revenues" Blueprint Workshop for Diamond & Platinum levels only

Ever Lost Out On £50K+ By NOT Sticking To A Plan? 

Like when I helped someone with their planning BUT then we didn't do the accountability piece I described above. I thought, OK, they're an experienced business owner and they seemed confident about their implementation.

When we came around to doing their next 90-Day Plan (5 months later!) we started with a review of what they'd done and how that had gone. 

Turned out that they'd gone ahead and worked on a project that as part of our planning evaluation they originally had decided to park until the following quarter. 

Which meant they didn't have time to finish implementing the highly profitable project they'd chosen over it - costing them at least £50k+ (depending on how long it takes them to finish) in those few months! And the additional project wasn't finished either.

Decisions have consequences - and without that review they had no idea of the impact this particular decision caused.   They were devastated. And frustrated at themselves for repeating this mistake one too many times...

Because not only did they lose so many evenings and weekends of personal time but they still didn't get to finish the project and achieve a personal goal based on that project's income. 

This time around they have a pared down plan and accountability tied to that plan in place! ;-)

What would your bank balance increase by if you had a plan that is designed to achieve your income goals - and the support and accountability to help you successfully implement it?

What If A Plan & Accountability Aren't Enough?

Ever wondered what happened to your good intentions? You start off the year with grand plans and you work hard - it's not like you've been lazy, right?

Yet somehow, though you have made good progress - it's nowhere near what you envisaged...

Is it a strategy thing?

Is it a luck thing?

Or more likely, is it a self-sabotage thing?

The challenge is that our subconscious runs the show 95%+ of the time and our conscious minds only a little bit of the time. Yet we love to fool ourselves into thinking that we're in control.

Meanwhile our subconscious patterns are whirring away in the background getting you to NOT make that call, having you turn down that opportunity and 'forget' to keep an eye on your prospects and sales pipeline...   

"Just like you can't out-exercise a bad diet, you can't out-strategise self-sabotaging behaviours."

Each time you have an LSL Mindset Shift Session, you're releasing a specific issue and chipping away at different subconscious patterns.

While you often get instant results from individual sessions, real transformation comes from consistently getting to the root of and releasing issues that cause negative patterns such as:

  • Procrastinating over your most important tasks
  • Undercharging and finding money conversations 'want to hide under the table' awkward
  • Money issues
  • Overdelivering and not being able to say no
  • Not moving forward because of fear of failure, success, rejection, etc.
  • Holding yourself back because of feeling insecure, not good enough, doubting your talents, etc.
  • Challenges dealing with others - expectations, communication issues & people pleasing
  • Keeping your dreams small
  • Hiding your gifts and avoiding being more visible in your business
  • Imposter syndrome, where you feel like a fraud and that any successes are a fluke

Be At The Cutting Edge of Personal Development...

There are many tools that claim to change your mindset - I should know, I've used many of them! Yet LSL is the only tool that had lasting impact in shifting my, and my clients', negative patterns.

It's challenging sometimes because we can't see our own blindspots. That's why I have LSL Mindset Shift sessions with my own coach too. ;-) 

The great thing is that in addition to feeling so much more confident and congruent than I ever imagined possible, having this tool in my pocket means that I'm not afraid of whatever life and my business might chuck at me.

Every challenge is simply an opportunity to grow - and in LSL Mindset Shift Sessions I have access to what I believe is the best tool out there for releasing deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns.

These patterns have taken years in the making, and just hoping they'll go away is about as much use as a glass hammer...

...Yet in only weeks and months of regular Mindset Shift Sessions you will see great improvements and feel even better.

So. Let's sum up what this is all about...

Here it is: Momentum 

What I have created here is a truly comprehensive programme of support, guidance and accountability so that you:

  • Increase your income so that you can quit worrying about money and live the lifestyle you truly deserve!
  • Are more in flow and are more easily able to do work that fills your heart with pride
  • Focus on the right things, in productive and effective ways so that you achieve more in less time
  • Are inspired by your business being more meaningful and better able to make a bigger impact giving you fulfilment and sense of soul
  • Feel more confident in running your business your way, and with increased consistency
  • Keep building success upon success so that you get to fulfil your potential

Here's What You Have Access To...

  • Clarity on your Inspired Vision For Maximum Impact
    Have the utmost clarity on where you're headed and WHY! Get to the heart of your business and what you want it to stand for. What you want it to achieve. What impact it will have. This will help you to be inspired and motivated, regardless of what challenges you may face. 
  • 1-Year "Double Your Business" Blueprint & Quarterly 90-Day Plan Workshops
    Jump out of bed each morning with 100% clarity on what needs to be done. Your 1-Year "Double Your Business" Blueprint will show you how to achieve your income goals. In that workshop we'll deep dive into your vision, goals and growth principles that aren't even taught in business school. (By the way, these principles are what allow you to Double Your Business - without increasing your personal workload!) Each quarter you'll create your 90-Day Plan with the specific Projects, Processes & Promotions to achieve your goals; implementing - learning - tweaking - implementing - learning - tweaking, etc. Your 90-Day Plan will be focused ONLY on the important things to get done - without overwhelm or you taking on too much. (Got a special trick to ensure that last bit!) Ambitious achievability! ;-)
  • 121 90-Day Plan Review Call     
    Let's ensure that your plan is 'Goldilocks' (not doing too little, not doing too much), so you're excited about your goals and happy with the detail of how you'll achieve them. We'll make sure the numbers and measures stack up and how to track them.
  • Inspiration & Guidance   
    In addition to my cheerleading, support and guidance, discover how to better tap into your own 'inner knowing', increase listening to and implementing your intuition and inspiration so that your plan and actions are aligned with who you are, and are becoming, in order to best achieve your ambitions.  
  • Profit First, Spending Plan & Measures
    They say "If you treasure what you measure, then measure what you treasure". Getting focused on the numbers (aligned with your 1-Year "Double Your Revenues" Blueprint & 90-Day Plan) and other measures is an essential part of understanding what does and doesn't work, so you can keep on track and achieve your goals. Having somebody other than your accountant looking at the numbers on a monthly basis means you can't kid yourself if things aren't going as well as you planned - and you have someone to celebrate with when they are! :-) (Note: Numbers are submitted to Una, not the rest of the group for confidentiality reasons.)
  • Clarity & Commitment Calls
    Twice a month we'll get together to review your progress on your plan, identify and unblock any sticking points and get clarity on your next actions. Sometimes plans need to be tweaked and this is where you can do that if required, safe in the knowledge that you're not going off track.
  • Daily/Weekly Accountability 
    Don't wait until the next Clarity & Commitment Call to realise you're behind & 'get back on track' because it can throw off your whole plan! Instead you'll have an easy to use daily/weekly accountability where you get to use your plan - together with inspired guidance - to decide your top priorities each week and day. And myself and others have visibility so you're more likely to complete things. ;-)
  • Mindset Shift Sessions   
    You may have already experienced the magic of LSL Mindset Shift Sessions, I know I'm so happy that I decided to bring this back into my business! :-) Client results include: resolving longstanding family issues and improving relationship dynamics, confident sales conversations, being comfortable being more visible, better implementation (due to decreased procrastination and increased consistency), thinking and playing bigger - and of course increased income. This truly is transformational...
  • Master Your Mornings   
    It really has become clear to me that consistency leads to results and getting every morning off to a great start creates a habit of consistency that can spread to the rest of your life and business. It doesn't have to be 2 hours long, it can be for as few as 5 minutes. In this training you'll discover how to create a morning routine framework to give you consistency - melded with choices to give you the freedom you want.
  • On Demand Sales & Business Support 
    You know those times when opportunities arise that don't fall into your usual sales process/funnel(s) and you're not quite sure what to do? Or perhaps you want to run some possible recruits past me... Or maybe you just need geeing up before a sales appointment and reminding of just how fabulous you are! Imagine having me on tap as a sounding board and for input and support to help you always know what to do... #lifecanbeeasier (Via Text & Voice Messaging and Trello with responses within 23-48hrs on working days - often sooner. Or hopping on a quick call where that makes more sense. Subject to fair use policy, though it's more likely you won't use this enough than too much!)
Momentum Lite

Affordable  Accountability and Support

Only £197 /mo x 12

Or £2 k In Full

  • Clarity & Commitment Calls (2 per month)
  • Master Your Mornings Productivity Training & Support
Momentum Platinum

 Higher Level Planning & Accountability, Mindset Breakthroughs

Only £347 /mo x 12

Or £3.5 k In Full

  • Clear, Inspired & Meaningful Vision
  • 1-Year "Double Your Business" Blueprint
  • Quarterly x 90-Day Planning Workshops
  • 121, 90-Day Plan Review Call
  • Profit First, Spending Plan & Measures
  • Clarity & Commitment Calls (2 per month)
  • Daily & Weekly Accountability
  • Master Your Mornings Productivity Training & Support
  • 4 x 121 Mindset Shift Sessions (1 per quarter)

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

"Asks the tough questions"

Working with Una has been a game changer and eye opener for me! I needed focus in my business and Una helped me realize what I needed to focus on.

She asks the tough questions and allows you to critically think about your business and processes. She helped me find the joy in my business and how to work toward my goals. I'm very glad I took the leap to work with Una.

"Average monthly sales up 35.85%!"

Una Doyle is an incredible coach. She somehow manages to support me, encourage me, reassure me, challenge me and kick my butt all at the same time. Working with her has been so enormously beneficial.

Every session is a veritable smorgasbord of insights, ah-ha’s and strategies to take my business forward.

More than just a coach, I feel like Una truly cares about me as a person and unlike any other coach I have ever worked with she has actually taken the time to truly understand my unusual business and industry.

The strategies I have developed with her have already seen me increase my revenues considerably (average monthly sales up 35.85%!) and I now have a clear idea of exactly how I’m building the business from here.

I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone seeking serious breakthroughs in their business and life.

"Freed up two whole days a week for me to concentrate on growing my business!"

I really cannot speak highly enough about Una. Not only is she a lovely and genuine person, she is an outstanding business coach.

After just two sessions, the strategies she suggested made a massive impact on me and my business, and freed up two whole days a week for me to concentrate on growing my business.

I urge any business owner, manager or director who wants more time, increased sales and better profit margins to get in touch with Una.

Oh, and if you're too busy to see her, you need her more than you know!

Thank you ever so much for your continuing support, enthusiasm, encouragement and for being you! You're simply outstanding!

"Thank you Una. This whole process has been so brilliant - I could never had got to this place on my own!"

You gently helped me to confront what didn’t work for me and to discover new ways of working that do. Even when I initially didn’t think my ideas were financially feasible, we’ve been able to create a business model and plan that ticks all my boxes.

What a transformative process! With understanding my natural strengths I know now where I fit in ~ I'm more accepting of myself too. Now I feel comfortable in my own skin, and that’s priceless. My new business will build on this and be so much more successful as a result.

Our coaching has been a real eye opener.

"I have not been alone in realising that others have the same fears, issues and brick walls..."

I attended a Group Coaching Programme with Una and a bunch of fellow creative business owners and found the whole experience to be enlightening, both in a personal and business way.

It helped me see what my business has to offer, and as importantly, HOW to offer that.

It's like a mentor programme, but with the added advantage of group work. I have not been alone in realising that others have the same fears, issues and brick walls to get over in order to make my business work in the way I really want.

I already have recommended Una to people I have met since.

Kristen Petkus Founder, Half Pint Cuties & HPC Shirts
Alison Rentoul Owner, The Crew Coach & Acquamarine Home
Tracy Heatley Marketing & Networking Specialist
Ginny Carter The Author Maker (Business Ghostwriter)
Phil Sootheran Designer & Director of Seedbed Creative Ltd