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Una Doyle

Una Doyle, Founder of, Business Strategist & Mindset Coach for Creatives and creator of the Creative Success Code methodology.

Who is Una Doyle?

As a Creative herself Una has experienced the joys & tribulations of the creative mind...

Loads of ideas & intuition, thinking and working at speed, a love of freedom and new things. All great in their place but any strength overdone can spell disaster in business.

Which is why learning both the inner and outer game of business has been a game changer for Una!

And she shares her insights and these principles in live videos and through her 121 & group coaching programmes and workshops, for instance the “Fun, Flow & Focus” Workshop and her signature programme, "Unleashed, Unapologetic & Unstoppable!".

What is she about?

Una is on a mission to help creatives to make the transformation to Happy, Healthy & Wealthy Creative Entrepreneurs so that they can live the lives they truly desire and get to do work they're proud of. 

A big part of this is eradicating the epidemic of creatives undercharging and overdelivering for their services.

Another aspect is about being able to work in flow so they can get more done in less time.

And of course, the right mindset is essential for sustained success.

All of which are addressed (and much more) in Una's Creative Success Code methodology....

If selected, what would she contribute to the talk show?

Una says,  

“Just like you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, you can’t out-strategise a self-sabotaging mindset.”

Therefore she believes that both the “inner work” (mindset) and “outer work” (strategy & skills) are both important - both sides of the same coin...


  • How To Raise Your Prices and do work you love with your dream soulmate clients
  • Want to Increase Sales? Overcome Resistance
  • Free Up Your Time
  • How To Build High Performing Teams
  • How to Be More Confident - Without Being Cocky


Una specialises in helping creative business owners to confidently and profitably attract and convert their dream soulmate 4 & 5-figure clients - without selling their soul or adding extra workload! 

She’s appeared on local and national TV and radio.

Her biggest audience to date is over 2,000 staff at the head office of Asda Walmart in the UK.

Una is one of only a handful of people in the world trained in the powerful Mindset Shift technique she uses.

She is accredited in and has trained other coaches and consultants in business growth principles and personality profiling.

Una also has marketing qualifications and a business degree from the University of Leeds.

What Other People Say

"I asked Una to speak at a recent event I organised. I was aware of Una's skills through seeing posts. However I was not prepared for the impact of her words at my event. I looked around the room at people who were totally engaged and 100% focused on Una. Words that inspired and moved you. Words that actually meant something.

It was a pleasure and honour to have such a special lady speaking. If you are looking for someone who can genuinely 'impact' on your thinking then look no further. You have found her."
Emma Preston

"Recently Una appeared as a guest on a special edition of WEB DESIGN PROS. I interviewed her on the topic "How to Stop Underpricing and Overdelivering," a popular topic among designers. 

As a producer, guests of Una's caliber are rare. Not only did she educate our audience and advocate for their success, but she appeared completely at ease in front of the camera, a testament to her acting background.

Feedback from our viewers has been very positive. I would highly recommend Una as a guest on your podcast, radio show or as an interview subject to discuss any topic related to doing your best creative work."
Stephanie Miller, Executive Producer - PROFOUND Programs 

"Una ran a thoroughly engaging workshop at our conference for young entrepreneurs, which we had glowing feedback on from our attendees. I consider myself very lucky to have had her speak at our event and would not hesitate in working with her again in future.

She focused on the different approach to entrepreneurship which creatives can employ, and gave the attendees a great amount of information to take away and develop on afterward."
Robin Milton

"Una spoke at one of my events in Manchester and I was very impressed by her level of interest in finding out about my organisation and tailoring her presentation to participants' needs.

At the presentation she also took the time to speak to all of the participants and encouraged them to consider how the points raised could be applied to their own circumstances. Una's presentation was very thought provoking and the way in which she brought together a focus on creativity with business development encouraged participants to gain a new perspective on their businesses.

I received some very good feedback from participants on Una's presentation and I'd be very happy to work with Una again in future."
Suzanne Leech

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