Is “I Don’t Want to Rip People off” Affecting Your Revenues?

There should always be – “No way, but up!”, but is the thought “I don’t want to rip people off” affecting your revenues? Have you ever felt you’ve been doing so much work, and the revenue isn’t enough anymore, but there’s one thought that’s stopping you? That’s what we’re going to discuss today!! Let’s put your worries aside and click on the video!

Today we’re going to be talking all about this thought that might be in your head. And it is, “Ugh! But I don’t want to rip people off.” I hear this a lot from clients who I start working with and nearly always they need to increase their prices. So, we’re going to be talking about this and what to do to overcome this.  I’m also going to give you two super quick exercises that you can do to help you to authentically raise your prices as well.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Una Doyle. I’m the founder of and I’m a business coach that specializes in working with creative business owners. I help them to be happy, healthy, and wealthy by working in the best ways with them. So I help them to understand how to structure their business, and their time, and the strategies, etc., in a way that suits their natural talents. It makes such a difference because you can then have more fun and creative flow. And of course it’s more profitable for you as well.

Let’s get back to the topic of the day which is: How to overcome, “but I don’t want to rip people off.” The fact is, is that if you are worried about ripping people off, you’re simply not the kind of person who is going to rip people off. Makes sense? So what’s the real reason? What’s the real thing underneath that’s going on? Because you just need to know that the very fact you’re concerned about that means that you’ll always going to want to give value to people.

I experienced this myself. This was something I was concerned about and somebody said exactly that to me and I was like, “Oh, yeah. If I’m concerned about something like that, then yeah why would I actually ever let that happen?” So, you want to have that mindset shift. That’s really important.

So what do you do if that thought of “oh but I don’t want to rip people off.” It’s more of a distraction as more of a disguise for what’s really going on. Here’s two of the things that might be going on beneath that.

The first one is, “Am I worth it?” Are you valuing your talents, and your strengths, and your gifts highly enough? Are you really making sure that you are acknowledging the value that you add to the people that you know?

The second one is being worried about other people’s opinions. Now this can show up as in, “Well, I don’t want other people thinking that they’re being ripped off.” Or maybe some other thing of, “Oh right. Well, if I do raise my prices and then I am earning more money and I am able to do other wonderful things that that allows. I’m able to deliver fantastic value to my clients and they’ll appreciate, and I’ll attract higher quality clients that are prepared to invest and really value the results that they get rather than nitpicking and things.” And of course you’ll be able to earn more money with less hours. So you don’t have to completely have your nose on the grindstone. You can have a life. You can work on your own personal creative projects as well and all of the wonderful things that comes with that. But that does mean that maybe you’re going to be getting ahead of some friends and family or some of your peers. And maybe you’re worried about, “Oh if I stick my head above the parapet, what are they going to think of me? And what does that mean for me then?”

So, I’ve got a very quick exercise for you to solve this one. What I want you to do is pick a space a few feet away from where you are standing where there’s no obstacles in between. Then imagine that that space is where other people are and other people’s opinions. Then I want you step into that space. So you step into that space of other people’s opinions, attitudes, beliefs, and all of that. Now, what I want you to do is I want you to look back at the space you were standing in because that space is your business. This space is whose business? And that’s what I want you to know. I’m in other people’s business by being concerned about what they think of me. Then who’s looking after my business? There’s nobody there! Nobody’s taking care of my business! Oh no! So what are you going to do? You want to step back into your own business. Every moment you spend worrying about other people’s opinions means nobody is looking after your life, after your business. And that can have a really negative impact on what is actually going on.

So the other thing, is the first point I made about not valuing yourself and your talents enough – not really understanding the impact that the work that you do has on your customers, on your clients. When people are not valuing themselves enough, sometimes it’s because they’re just taking what they do for granted. And this is one of the reasons why I use personality profiling tools with my clients to help them identify their natural strengths and gifts because people usually know what they’re good at. They have a fair idea but they don’t always value it. And it’s only when they see other people’s profiles and realize, “Oh! So those things that I find really hard or just don’t even want to do, they’re really good at that and they enjoy that. And actually, as a part of that then the things that I’m actually good at, they can’t do.” So it’s not just not about skills and expertise, it’s about actually who you are. And that is a big part of the value that you bring to the table.

So, what I want you to do is I want you to make a list of 30 things, 30 ways that you have added value to your customers. Think of all these different things.What are these specific achievements that people have had? What are the kind of more emotional results that they have had as a result of your work? What difference has that made to their job, or their business, or to their personal life. What is the enjoyment that they have had in the process of working with you? And whatever you have produced for them or with them, what difference has that made to them? So make a list of those 30 things. I guarantee you when you read through that list, you’re kind of be like, “Wow!” And by the way, if you’re a woman, you may find this a bit harder than some other men find it. That’s because of how we’ve been socialized and indoctrinated growing up. But please stick with it both men and women. I want you too really to be able to see your true colours and really have that shine through. So the thing that’s really important is that you are able to charge appropriately. I’m not talking about ripping people off. I’m talking about you charging something that is authentic and appropriate for you.

And we’re going to have some more great stuff coming out very soon. I have a new guide called, “The Number One Sure Fire Strategy to Raise Your Prices without Pushback.” And we have some awesome stuff in here. It’s all really cool. We’ll get a lot of reflection. We’ve got some great stuff in here about what to do. So it’s lovely, and it’s colorful, and it’s bright, and more importantly, it’s got some really valuable insights in it. I’m literally just days away from getting this public. I’m just tying up and getting my team to help me to get this on the web so that you can get this. And this is free. It’s not going to cost you anything. In the first comment we got a link that if you want to talk about any of this stuff. Book an introductory call with me and I would love to have a chat with you about your business goals and your challenges and what you can do to overcome those.

So, the reason why it’s so important for you to charge appropriately, in fact there’s actually four reasons why.

One is so that you can cover your business and living expenses. And I just don’t mean scraping living expenses. But actually, living the kind of lifestyle that you want and that you deserve to have.

And the second thing is so that you can pay others. You need to be able to outsource and delegate. You might be in the kind of creative business where you are using freelancers. Maybe you want to start building your own team. A lot of the time I come across people who want to build a team and they can’t afford to. And the reason they can’t afford to is because they haven’t raised their prices.

Another reason is because you’re going to attract better clients. There’s actually loads of reasons why and you’ll find more of them in the guide I mentioned as well. And we also need to be able to put aside money for savings and investments to protect you for your future in the lean times because they come. It’s very cyclical when businesses are booming and when businesses are contracting. So you want to make sure you’re prepared for that.

And one of the other reasons is so that you actually have got the resources to invest in yourself, to invest in your own personal and professional growth. And so that maybe you want to learn a new skill that’s going to help you add more value to your clients. It may be that you need to work on growing your confidence or growing your entrepreneurial skills which I can help with. Your business will not going to grow beyond your own personal growth. So this is one of the reasons why it’s really important for you to be able to raise your prices and charge appropriately. And you may think, “Oh if I charge more, I’m going to have a lot less clients and I still won’t be able to make ends meet.” I guarantee you, you are not going to find that to be the case, not when you do things in the right way.  

Remember, if you have found this valuable, then share this to your contacts. Maybe you want to tag some people in the comments that you’re thinking, “Actually, I know so-and-so really needs this.” Please share this out and let me know what you thought, what have you found valuable, and what questions do you have. I want to answer your questions in these shows so that you know how to move forward and you’re not getting stuck. Have a fantastic week. I will be back here same time next week 4:30 GMT every Wednesday, 11:30 AM EST. I look forward to seeing you then.

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