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Wahoo! Congratulations and Welcome to the "Fun, Flow & Focus" Workshop!

Time to go on a journey...

1. Do Your Personality Profile Test

In the next 2 working days I'll invite you by email to take your Ignition Personality Profile test to discover which Traveller you are. This is a simple online multi-choice questionnaire. Please whitelist my email address to make sure you get it.
(Apologies this step isn't instant because it's not my system...)

Please note when you are doing this that are no right or wrong answers to this, just the ones that are right for you. ;-)

Stop. Breathe.... And think of a time when you were at your best. Answer the questions from that place for the most accurate results.

2. Read Your Traveller 'Boarding Pass'

After completing the test, you will receive by email your Ignition Traveller 'Boarding Pass', which gives you your initial result and some information on your profile and the other 7 Travellers.

Please read through this and make notes of any questions or insights you may have.

3. Do the Workshop

Now it's time to get into the nitty gritty! Watch the "Fun, Flow and Focus" Workshop video below ACTIVELY...

Allow yourself the time to do this in a setting where you can concentrate and be uninterrupted. Turn off your phone. Turn off your social media. 

If you can't do it all in one go that's fine, just schedule it into your calendar in 2-3 chunks. Make sure to keep the momentum...

As you're watching, keep asking yourself,
"What would have me more in flow?"
"What can I ditch or delegate?"
"Is this my best business model?"
"What few things if focused on will be most fun for me and make the biggest impact?"

"How can I help others be more in flow?"

Make notes of your insights and questions. Highlight action steps.



Feel free to rinse and repeat this workshop now and in the future because many clients have told me how they got a deeper understanding each time they did so. 

Bring your insights, questions and Action Plan to...

4. Your Bonus Action Plan Coaching Session

One good way to ensure you get the Workshop complete soon is to create a deadline and book your call with me to review your Action Plan.

Ideally do this within a week of watching the Workshop so you've had a couple of days to reflect on it, but not too long away so it's still fresh in your mind.


We will arrange your Bonus Mindset Shift Session when we speak or message me if you'd like to do it sooner. This is typically held on a Monday at 5pm UK.

5. Your Bonus "Intuitive Implementation" Calls

Your final Bonus is a month of "Intuitive Implementation", where you get to join in our twice monthly group calls.

On these calls you'll identify your most important 1-3 actions for the next couple of weeks and you're accountable to those for the next call. 

Many people really benefit from accountability - there's just something about publicly committing to do something and knowing you'll be asked about it next time that makes people step up! ;-) 

These calls take place on Zoom, usually on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 4pm UK.

It's your choice whether to book that now, or wait until after our 121 Action Plan Review coaching call. Here's the link:


(Note: Your bonus is for 2 of these calls, the scheduling system may add more than that to your calendar?
You can just delete those if so.)

In the meantime, feel free check out some FREE resources that might be helpful for you:

And I look forward to speaking soon....

Úna Doyle

Una Doyle
Business Strategist & Mindset Coach

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