Welcome to the Foundation Programme!

You've made a great decision to take the necessary steps to build a solid foundation and grow your business and income!

Outlined below are the 6 Steps with the actions and resources to get you up and running with the programme. Take a few minutes now to follow them so that you can get started on the right track. If that's not possible, pop a time in your diary over the next few days to do so.​

You can also watch the video below to get familiar with each of the different elements of the programme.


How to Access Your Bonus Wealth Dynamics Token (worth £50)

In order to access your Wealth Dynamics Profile Test please complete the form below* and we will send you the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test token code and the link where to take the test. Taking the test only takes about 10-15 minutes and you will receive a comprehensive report on your primary profile.

Ensure to read this report at least once, ideally several times, and bring your insights and questions to the next monthly Questions & Answers Call.​

* Foundation Programme Terms & Conditions (click to read)


Wealth Spectrum Test

Please click the test steps below to access your Wealth Spectrum test and level.

Wealth Spectrum Test Steps

And please, whatever level you’re at, don’t be disappointed that you’re not higher up the wealth spectrum!

The great thing about what you can do through the GeniusU Platform and the work we’ll do together, is that it’s crystal clear what the steps are to move on up…

For many people they have moved up and down through a few Wealth Spectrum levels because they don’t have a solid foundation in place. So every time they move up a level or two, they end up falling back down because they missed some steps. By working through these steps and levels together, we can make sure that this never happens again.

Note: The Genius Test has 5 Qs while your Wealth Dynamics profile is based upon 25 Qs so takes precedence (unless you feel that your profile doesn't sound like you). If there's any discrepancy between the two you can email GeniusU support to get them to change it on your profile. 


Actions & Accountability Sheet

This is where you'll spend time in the following ways so that you, the group and Una can all support you.

  • Weekly Actions & Accountability - where you add your top 3 actions for the week each Monday and then update on your progress each Friday. This is to help you to prioritise and get focused - and of course you can celebrate or ask for help as required.
  • Monthly Call Q&A - use one row to state your biggest success, challenge and question. This is what we'll dive into each month on the live call. You'll learn from other's too but even if you think what you'd put is similar to others than please add it anyway. That helps Una to prepare and prioritise for the call.  You'll see at the top of this tab the next few dates for your diary.
  • Playbooks & Progress Assessment - as part of this programme you get access to the GeniusU platform (created by Roger Hamilton, creator of Wealth Dynamics and the Wealth Spectrum) and some different tests and 'Missions' (exercises to you and me). However, it can be quite confusing because of the wealth of content! So this section helps you keep track of what you've done and are best to do next. Work through the content - at your own pace - from left to right. Just keep to the one row (updating the date field) so that it is all clear for you.
  • Links & Resources - in addition to the GeniusU platform, you'll find trainings, guides, exercises and templates here.

Note: If you can't access this document we haven't yet given your Google login email permission to access and edit this document. Please make sure you have completed the form in Step 1 and you can request access to the document and we'll get that sorted for you as soon as we can.


Question & Answer Webinar Calls

Each month we'll get together on 2 live Q&A Calls. These are usually on the 2nd Monday of the month at 8pm GMT and 12.30 on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Please add these to your diary as a recurring appointment. (If there's any exceptions to this they will be listed here.)

You only need to register once for all these calls using the button below and you will receive reminders with the links to use (If you've received notification of the webinar details, we've already registered you.)


Private YouTube Foundation Programme Playlist (Previous Q&A Calls)

All the monthly Q&A Calls are recorded (technology permitting) and you can find the playlist with them below. Please note that you will have to be added to the playlist in order to access them because they are private only to members of this coaching group.

You may find it useful to listen to calls previous to when you joined in your spare time because ​there is always an opportunity to learn &/or refresh your learning.


Join the "Creatives In Flow" Facebook Group

Here we have useful posts, tips, opportunities for questions and collaboration and you can meet other people in the Foundation Programme and other group and 121 coaching programmes of different levels.

Remember to turn on notifications and add this group to your favourites so you get to find out when there's something new. 

Please Note: This group is only for clients of CreativeFlow.tv so please do not share this group or content from the group with others without their permission.​