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Craving certainty, clarity and confident consistent uplevelling in your life and business?

Kate Pollitt Branding Consultant & Designer

These Mindset Shift Sessions have introduced me to a confident, positive and talented woman - the best bit is, that woman is me.”

Kate Pollitt  //  Branding and Design Consultant, Desire Branding

After working with Una I had a complete breakthrough, attracted two new clients worth $18k, I no longer feel I’m not good enough and I feel more at peace. Worth every penny!

Juliette Stapleton  //  Visibility Strategist

You want to be proud of where you’ve got to, yet there’s that inner knowing that you are a visionary capable of so much more!

You imagine more of the amazing clients who hang on your every word, act on your advice and “love, love, love!” the creative work you produce - as do you!

It truly fills your heart with pride.

And ENOUGH OF THESE CLIENTS please, no wait, a waiting list! ;-)

Because you deserve to spend more time with loved ones, enjoying your dream home and planning your next fun trip.
And then with a BUMP! it’s back down to earth…

...Where thoughts reside like, “Am I really good enough?”, “How can I grow my business when I’m already working flat out?” and when you hit up the Instagram influencers, confusion over “Why not me?”.


You weren’t born not approving of you, thinking that you’re not good enough or that you you don’t deserve?!?

You weren’t born worrying about what others think or their expectations, experiencing stress, worry and pressure?!?

You were born with precisely the right gifts to birth into this world and make a lasting impact - without sacrificing your money or soul in the process.

I know - as do you deep down - that you are worth so much more.

So what’s in the way? What’s stopping you being all of you right now experiencing what you truly desire?

What I call the Sneaky Subconscious Saboteurs, such as “The Control Freak”, “The Self-help Junkie” or “The Scaredy Cat” (there’s more!) who cloud the issue like comic book fog and confuse you into forgetting your true nature…

You might relate to trying to deal with what’s getting in your way, yet finding yourself blundering around in the dark, perhaps even blaming yourself for not being Pollyanna 100% of the time.

Yet what if that’s not your fault?

What if you just hadn’t identified the REAL underlying issues? (I mean it’s so hard for us to do this for ourselves because we all have blind spots…)

And what if you just didn’t have access to the right tools?

Tools that allow you to be certain of it being SAFE to dive deep knowing that you’re not going to open up a can of worms and then get stuck with them.

Knowing that you’re not going to have to go over and over and over again any times in life that weren’t so great (that doesn’t sound like fun, right?!?) and certain that you can let go of any trauma, bullying or others controlling you that you may have experienced - for once and for all!

(I did, as have many of my clients.)

Now... When you know PRECISELY what is sabotaging your success, and have access to the right tools, then you can see what’s going on and you’re able to deal with it out in the open.

After this Mindset Breakthrough Session you will have:

  • Pinpointed where self-sabotage is showing up in your life and business...
  • “Joined the dots” on underlying issues causing this self-sabotage...
  • Released one of these issues on the spot!
Dave Kibby

did many techniques over the years and knew my patterns, yet they hadn’t resolved them - felt like driving around with the handbrake on. Working with Una and her mindset sessions got underneath and released the conditioning so that now I’m flying full speed ahead!

Dave Kibby  //  Creative Entrepreneur

Alisa Kareva  //  Copywriting Gladiator

Una will identify what needs to be tweaked or reinforced in order to help you achieve your vision. She will spot immediately what is stopping you and will use her mindset tool so that they are no longer obstacles.

An outstanding experience that is definitely going to enable me to play bigger and aim even higher.

Melanie Falvey //  Interior Designer

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