What is Business Coaching?

what is business development coaching

Have you ever wondered what exactly business coaching is all about?

Wondered what are the distinctions between coaching, mentoring and training?

Been curious about what could be the possible benefits for your creativity, entrepreneurialism and creative business?

Read on to discover these distinctions and how you could increase your revenues, reduce stress and achieve your ambitions in less time and more easily.

First of all, let's look at some of these distinctions....

  • What is Business Coaching?
  • What is Mentoring?
  • What is Training?

​Coaching in it's purest form is all about listening and asking questions to help the coachee (person being coached) achieve their goals without any personal agenda or judgement from the coach.

I originally trained as a Life Coach and was taught an approach called Co-active Coaching. This is based upon the premise that the client knows the answer and that it is the coach’s job to help bring that out.

However, I quickly learned that clients did not always know all the answers and they were often looking to me for guidance and advice!

People do find an objective and supportive sounding board very useful though and this can really help them to clarify their thoughts and explore their feelings about different ideas, problems and opportunities in a safe place.

It's amazing how often a client will say something, yet it's only when it's reflected back to them that it really hits home...

Sometimes people ask, "but isn't this what friends and family are for?" It certainly can be. But how do you know that they don't have their own agendas, beliefs and patterns at play?

In wanting the best for you they might encourage you to play it safe, or move too fast. It's hard for them to be objective.

Do they even have the appropriate level of business know-how to be able to give you good advice?

Plus many business owners don't always to admit to somebody close to them how they're really feeling. Whether things are a bit wobbly or going fantastically, many still feel 'lonely at the top' and want to be able to talk with somebody who is truly objective and focused on what they need in that moment.

What we do at Creative Flow...

I call myself a Business Development Coach because my focus is on working with you and your team(s) to help you grow your business in a sustainable way. However I'm using all the approaches mentioned above...

Using the Wealth and Talent Dynamics tools and principles I can help you to increase and accelerate your levels of Trust and Flow to increase sales, increase profitability and have a fantastic culture that you, your staff and customers can all enjoy.​

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

In addition, I've found these tools and principles empower clients to discover the best business development strategies, approaches and structures for sustainable business growth.

Not only that, this way of looking at things will reap rewards year after year snowballing your results as you and your team(s) get better and better at executing on your vision.

Accountability is another aspect of coaching that clients usually find very helpful, especially because a deadline always focuses the mind!

Creatives usually meet their clients deadlines, but can neglect their own business growth activities in the process - ending up spending all their time working IN their business with little to no time working ON their business...

Here's some of the things that I typically work with clients on:​

  • To identify and clarify your vision
  • To set better goals
  • To identify the best business development strategies for you and your strengths
  • Creating a better, and simpler, business plan - one that you'll actually use on a weekly and monthly basis
  • How to make better decisions (and more easily too)
  • To improve communications
  • To speed up workflow (which means better cashflow too!)
  • Increased productivity & reduced stress
  • How to attract and retain new ideal clients
  • How to attract and retain the best staff
  • How to get more from your staff
  • How to motivate and engage your team(s)
  • Providing accountability & keeping you on track with your goals and ambitions

Basically how to earn more money while having more fun and time freedom!

Whether working one-to-one or in groups, I'll always use the best approach - tailored to you natural gifts, your ambitions and your stage of business - to help you achieve the results you desire.​

Of course I can only help you if you are honest with me and yourself, you have an open mind and you are willing to try different approaches to what you've done before.​


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